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Thanks to Brazil Bus Travel, organizing transportation during travelling in Brazil has never been easier. Thumbs up for that.

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The website is very easy to use and very helpful while buying bus tickets in Brazil. I recommend it to everyone.

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The website is very functional. You can buy bus tickets in advance so it’s helpful while organizing the trip from abroad.


Brazil Bus Travel Video | How to buy bus tickets online?

How to buy a bus ticket?
Hello Passenger!
Welcome to the largest Bus Passage Portal in Brazil!

Brazil Bus Travel is a site for online bus booking throughout Brazil. All major bus companies are linked through our site, so you can book bus tickets from home or wherever you are and guarantee your bus trip across all of Brazil in advance.

Bus booking on is very simple and the best part is you will not need a Brazilian ID or Brazilian credit card to purchase your bus tickets online. Simply select your departing city and a destination city, pick a date (return trips are also available) and choose the best offer from a variety of results. Select your seat and proceed to payment options.

If you change your mind, start by sending an email at asking us to check the terms of your ticket and if your ticket is eligible for a cancellation, exchange and/or refund, then we will make the cancellation and refund on your credit card. If you contact us during our support hours (9AM-7PM Brasilia, Mon-Fri), we will get back to you before the end of the day. If not, you can expect to hear from us within 24 hours!

If your company allows cancellations, refunds or exchanges and that your request meets their requirements regarding time before departure and fare type, then we will be glad to cancel or refund your ticket. If your departure is imminent or you have an emergency, you can also contact the bus company directly or go to the bus company ticket counter at the bus station. It is usually possible to process an exchange directly at the bus station.


You do not print your ticket and then take it to the bus station as you would at an airport. Instead, a ticket is purchased or reserved through this site and then the ticket is picked up at the appropriate bus line counter at the bus terminal.

Of course we recognize that if you are using this site, you are probably not Brazilian and probably do not speak the native language of Brazil, Portuguese. For this, included in the site, you will find tutorials to help you get from city to city by bus.

You will find directions to bus terminals in major Brazilian cities and tips on how to get around in a terminal. You can even pickup a little Portuguese terminology to make your experience run smoother. For example, the word for Bus Station is “Rodoviária.” Herein, you will find the terminology you will need to read the signs that will help you navigate your way though Brazil’s many unique destinations.


Traveling by bus in Brazil is very economical, comfortable and safe. The buses are modern, air conditioned and have cushioned, reclining seats. There is no need for long and hectic baggage claims since the bags go in a compartment of the bus you ride in.

The Brazilian bus system is vast and consists of a conglomerate of many different bus carriers and bus terminals. Brazil Bus Travel makes this system easy to use by combining all of these bus companies and terminals into one search engine. is your one stop shop to making your Brazilian experience as rich and stress free as possible. Whether planning a trip to the beach or planning a run up the coastline to visit all the beaches, you have come to the right place to plan your adventure.

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