Bus: Rio De Janeiro (novo Rio) to Paraty

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Bus ticket from Rio De Janeiro (novo Rio) to Paraty

Distance 246km
Time of travel 4 hours and 46 minutes
Ticket price USD 16.57

Departure Bus Station(s) in Rio De Janeiro (novo Rio) Rio de Janeiro - Novo Rio
Arrival Bus Station(s) in Paraty Paraty
Bus company Costa Verde

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Departure Duration Destination Bus Company Class Price Per Person
07h00 5h 42m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30
07h10 4h 40m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30
09h00 4h 40m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30
10h00 4h 40m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30
12h00 4h 40m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30
14h00 4h 40m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30
16h00 4h 40m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30
18h00 4h 40m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30
20h00 4h 40m Paraty (RJ) Viação COSTA VERDE Conv42 USD 28.30

Traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty by bus is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Use the search box to type the necessary details: to-from locations, departing date and optionally also the return date if you want to buy a return ticket. Hit the SEARCH BUS TICKETS button.

  2. Choose your ticket(s) There are a lot of journey options so use the filters to adjust the time of departure or arrival. The trip to this colonial gem takes around 4 hours. On short trips like from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty, the Conventional seat class is the only option available.
  3. Passenger Details: Once you select your seats you will be taken to the Passenger Details screen. Your passport is the best form of ID to use to fill out this section. RG is a Brazilian ID, RNE is a foreigner’s Brazilian ID, Passport is for all other foreigners and Other is for those without a passport. To avoid confusion, as a foreigner, it is best to use your passport. But, if you have another type of ID to use, it should work fine. You may choose more than one seat by repeating this process.
  4. Choose your payment method: you can pay for your tickets using a credit card – for this option select “regular checkout” or you can pay by PayPal and receive a 5% discount.

Preparing for the journey:

Once your ticket is purchased, print the receipt and take it with you to the Rio de Janeiro bus station on the day of travel. This will help you at the ticket counter. If you show up without it, your ID will be enough to claim your ticket but if you don’t speak Portuguese the printout will speak for you.

Bear in mind Brazilian buses have polar air-conditioning, so even if it’s 40°C outside take a sweater or similar garment in your carry-on luggage. Don’t expect a full meal served on board, but there should be a stopover at a roadside café.

On the Rio Novo Terminal:

Bus Station:

General bus station information for Rio de Janeiro is listed below. Remember that it is good to give yourself about an hour to pick up your ticket and get to your departing bus platform. Google Maps is a good way to look up directions from where you are staying in Rio de Janeiro to the bus station.
Rio de Janeiro Station  (Novo Rio)
The Rio bus station address to put into Google Maps is Ave. Francisco Bicalho, 01, Santo Cristo, RJ Phone: (21) 3213-1800 If you take a taxi, just say Rodoviaria Tiete (Hodo-vee-are-ee-ah Hee-oh Day Jan-air-oh).
Novo Rio is a large terminal with all the necessary facilities. For more details click go to the Rio de Janeiro - Novo Rio Bus Station page

Pay attention to the bus company you opted for: 

Pay attention to the bus company that operates this connection – Costa Verde - because when you arrive at your station you will need to pick up your ticket at that company’s ticket counter. The logos for the bus companies are what to look for above the ticket windows.

Show your Id and the attendant will give you your ticket. A printout of your Brazilbustravel.com ticket information will be helpful as well.

After you get your ticket:

go to where the buses depart. Look for the sign that has Embarque Plataforma written on it. Your platform number (Plataforma) is on your ticket.


If you have a large suitcase or other item, you will go around and wait in the line at the side of the bus before you board. There should be an attendant loading bags into the side of the bus. He will give you a ticket stub and load your bag for you. You will give this stub back to the attendant when you retrieve your luggage at the end of the trip. Once you board the bus, there is room above the seat to store any carry-on luggage.


You need two things to get on board the bus; your ID and a little paper slip that comes with your ticket. You will actually receive two little paper slips to fill out when you are handed your ticket. One of them is for insurance purposes. It can be filled out during the trip and it stays with you. It will have the word Seguro on it, which means Insurance. The other paper is to be filled out before boarding and handed to the driver as you present your ID.

Your Seat:

The word for seat in Portuguese is Poltrona. You will want to match the number in that Poltrona box of your ticket to the seat numbers on the bus. If you have trouble finding your seat, just ask around and someone will help you. Brazilians are usually very helpful and kind.

Rest Stops:

Along the way, your bus may stop at roadside cafes or little shopping areas. Feel free to leave the bus and walk around to stretch your legs. Just don’t stray too far and tell the driver if you go to buy something so that they know to wait for you.

In Paraty


When you arrive at your destination, simply gather your belongings and proceed to the side of the bus to reclaim you baggage, if you had it stored away. Hand the attendant your baggage ticket stub and reclaim you items.

Arrival bus terminals:

Paraty Station
Address: Rua Jango Pádua, s/n – Centro, Paraty – RJ CEP: 23970-000 Telephone: (24) 3371-1224. Modest in scale, the station tunes into the local climate while hosting the necessary facilities. Arriving there, you are already in the centre of this picturesque little town. Walk the cobbled colonial streets, admire the boats crafted by locals and their ancestors and don´t miss a chance to visit one of the seven alambiques (cachaça workshops).