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São Paulo - Jabaquara

Jabaquara Terminal has been operating since May 2nd, 1977. The terminal operates intercity bus lines, exclusively for travels to the south coast and Santos, in the state of São Paulo. The terminal is located in the south of the São Paulo city, with quick access to Anchieta and Imigrantes highways. Jabaquara Terminal is also serviced by the 1 (Blue) and North-South Subway Lines, integrating the road center to other regions of the capital city.

The bus station has several ATMs, public phones, toilets, unit of ARTESP (Transport Agency of São Paulo State), lost and found service, food court and more.

The bus station of São Paulo receives thousands of passengers every day, either to work, to go to school, to access other ways of transport and for holiday travels.

The station is located nearby the main avenues, where access to taxis, city buses and intercity is simplified.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    Taxi stand offers 110 cars running during the day and night (Contact (11) 3392-5219).


  • Taxis

    Jabaquara station provides access to wheelchair users, passengers with reduced mobility and the disabled; you will find there the following facilities:

    two (2) toilets for the disabled; ramps at the entrances;

    one (1) stretcher;

    one (1) wheelchair;

    one (1) transshipment chair.

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and found service works during business hours (phones (11) 5012-2256 or (11) 2223-7199, ext. 7109).

  • Bathrooms

    Toilets are located in front of the bus companies’ ticket windows.

    Toilet use is charged R$ 1,00 and hot showers with towel and soap are priced R$ 4,50.


  • Shops

    There are newsagents, confectionery, coffee shops and gift shops inside the bus station.

  • ATMs

    You can withdraw money at banks as Caixa Econômica Federal, Santander, Itaú, 24 Horas bank and Bradesco.

  • Parking

    Although Jabaquara station does not have a parking lot, there is a private parking lot in front of the terminal.

  • Bagage Storage

    Baggage storage service is opened 24/7 at a daily price of R$ 9.00. Whoever loses the card has to pay $ 80.00 to get the belongings back.

Bus Tickets from São Paulo - Jabaquara

Departure Duration Destination Bus Company Class Price Per Person
12h30 15h 50m Santos (porto De Santos) (SP) Viação GIPSYY With Bed USD 81.77
12h30 15h 50m Santos (porto De Santos) (SP) Viação GIPSYY Semi Leito USD 81.11
13h30 16h Santos (porto De Santos) (SP) Viação ITAPEMIRIM Cama Individual USD 139.41
13h30 16h Santos (porto De Santos) (SP) Viação ITAPEMIRIM Semileito USD 95.61
13h30 16h Santos (porto De Santos) (SP) Viação ITAPEMIRIM Cama USD 120.65