Recife - TIP bus station

Buses from Recife - TIP


Avenida Prefeito Antônio Pereira, s/n – Santo Antônio
Recife – PE


(81) 3452-1704

Recife - TIP

Recife Bus Station was opened in 1986 and was the second most important station of Brazil at that time. The station is 16 km away from the city centre, on the BR-232 highway, together with a Subway station.

The place is also called TIP (Integrated Passenger Terminal) and receives more than 10 thousand people every day, registering 300 boarding and arrivals operations daily from various state and interstate routes.

The station building provides good structure to accommodate costumers during stops.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    There is an accredited taxi stand on the building’s first floor (opened 24/7). 


  • Taxis

    Passengers with reduced mobility, wheelchair users and the disabled can use: two (2) adapted toilets at both terminal floors, ramps on the second floor and boarding area, one (1) stretcher on the ground floor; 4 (four) wheelchairs at the Operations Center, 1 (one) transshipment chair;

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and found service runs 24/7 on the 2nd floor.

  • Bathrooms

    The terminal has two toilets on the first two floors. There are exclusive toilets for the disabled and wheelchair users.


  • Shops

    Recife Bus Station offers restaurants, shops, kiosks, snack bars, gift shops and newsstands.

  • ATMs

    There are ATMs of Itaú, Bradesco, HSBC and Banco 24 Horas.

  • Bagage Storage

    The service works 24/7 on the first floor, next to the post office. There are two types of volumes:

    normal - R$ 2.80 (up to 12 hours), R$ 1.40 (for the following 12 hours);

    special - R$ 5.60 (up to 12 hours), R$ 2.80 (for the following 12 hours).

Bus Tickets from Recife - TIP

Departure Duration Destination Bus Company Class Price Per Person
07h30 1d 15h 35m Brasilia (DF) Viação EXPRESSO SAO LUIZ Executive USD 90.48
07h30 1d 18h 55m Goiania (GO) Viação EXPRESSO SAO LUIZ Executive USD 97.50
07h30 13h 59m Vitoria (ES) Viação EXPRESSO GUANABARA Conventional USD 24.75
14h30 18h 50m Vitoria (ES) Viação PROGRESSO Executive USD 58.50
14h30 18h 50m Vitoria (ES) Viação PROGRESSO Conventional USD 44.13
15h00 1d 15h 30m Rio De Janeiro (novo Rio) (RJ) Viação ITAPEMIRIM Executive USD 83.48
15h17 1d 16h 44m Sao Paulo (tiete) (SP) Viação GONTIJO Conventional USD 84.71
15h17 2d 2h 46m Vitoria (ES) Viação GONTIJO Conventional USD 108.87
18h00 12h 45m Vitoria (ES) Viação EXPRESSO GUANABARA With Bed USD 29.75
18h50 13h 49m Vitoria (ES) Viação EXPRESSO GUANABARA Executive USD 24.75
19h30 13h 7m Vitoria (ES) Viação EXPRESSO GUANABARA Executive USD 24.75