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Purchasing a Ticket
How to confirm a purchase?

You can confirm your purchase through our website brazilbustravel.com/login. Designed only for clients, it is where times, dates, order details and even a history of past and current trips are kept.

Does the value shown at the end of a purchase include taxes?

Yes. The value displayed at the end of the purchase already includes taxes.

Are there any service charges?

There is a 12% service charge that is already included in the final ticket value.

If I buy a ticket in duplicate by mistake?

Cancellations should be made up to 24 hours before departure. After this, the customer must contact the bus company directly.

How to cancel a purchase?

To cancel your purchase just send an e-mail to reservas@queropassagem.com.br or call 11 30422333.
The cancellations should be made up to 24 hours in advance of departure. After this period, the customer must contact the bus company directly.

Is a voucher required for boarding?

Although not mandatory, printing the Voucher / Purchase Confirmation is recommended. This can speed up the ticket claim process. Vouchers are sent in an e-mail along with the authentication procedure. Tickets should be claimed at the specified bus carrier ticket counter 1 hour before departure time.

Can I request another voucher?

The voucher can be resent to your e-mail by brazilbustravel.com/login by simply clicking the “REESEND VOUCHER” button.

Is it necessary to stop at a ticket counter before departure?

Yes. The traveler must pick up the bus ticket at the specified bus carrier ticket counter. This is done by presenting a valid original document containing a photo of the traveler. Presenting your printed voucher is also recommended to avoid confusion. Tickets should be claimed one hour before departure.

My purchase is in analysis.

After finalizing the purchase process and confirming the operation, a confirmation will be sent to the customer’s e-mail along with a voucher.
If there are obstacles that prevent the immediate validation of the operation, delays may occur in the approval process or even stop the process altogether. In either case, the customer will receive an e-mail describing the situation.

Into how many payments may I finance my purchase?

The maximum amount of payments is 12, with a minimum value of R$95.00 per payment.

Ticket Information
How do I buy a ticket?

To purchase a ticket just visit the homepage www.brazilbustravel.com and fill in the fields FROM and TO, then choose ONE WAY or RETURN ticket. Choose a date or dates where it says DEPARTURE. Click the SEARCH BUS TICKETS button and wait for results.
On the results page, choose a ticket that fits your requirements for Departure Time, Class, Bus Company and so on. On the next page you can view a map of numbered seats of the bus. Click on the seat or seats you would like and then confirm Passenger Details. Once you have chosen your desired seats, simply click on the Book Your Ticket(s) Now button. 
On the next and final screen, choose the form of payment (debit card, credit card or bank transfer) and fill in your details to finalize the purchase.
Having made your purchase, we will send the voucher to your e-mail. It is recommended that you print your voucher to take with you to the bus terminal to claim your bus ticket, as it will speed up the ticket claim process. Remember, you should claim your ticket at the specified bus company’s ticket counter one hour before departure.
The online ticket buying procedure is simple and in less than 5 minutes you will have completed your purchase.

Can I track my order?

You can track a purchase at brazilbustravel.com/login by viewing travel history.

Can someone else pick up my ticket?

No. Tickets are nontransferable and may only be claimed at the ticket counter with a photo ID of the person whose name is on the ticket.

If I cannot arrive on time, can I catch the next bus?

Tickets marked with a date and time may, within the period of validity, be rescheduled.
The corresponding Bus Company would have thirty (30) days from the date of the request to reimburse the ticket, according to ANTT’s (National Land Transport Agency)  law 11,975 / 2009. There is no guarantee that you may catch the next bus.

Date Change, Passenger ID and Seating.

We can change dates of departure free of charge if request is made 24 hours before the departure. It is not possible to change Passanger Data, Name, or ID number.

Can I choose my seat?

Yes, you can choose the seat at the time of purchase. However, the bus companies reserve the right to cancel the advance booking of seats, for logistical purposes, without prior communication. The actual reservation of seats is only made once payment is made. If there is no completion of purchase within 15 minutes, the seat becomes available again.

What if I purchase the wrong ticket?

In the case that a ticket is purchased for the wrong Date, Time or Seat, www.brazilbustravel.com can change the reservation free of charge if request is made 24 hours before the departure. Changes of destination are not permitted and require full cancellation. For cancellations or changes less then 24 hours of departure passenger must go to the ticket counter of the respective bus company, located at the bus station.

Forms of payment.

Payment can be made by Credit Card or PayPal. Transfers are done in a safe SSL environment. BrazilBusTravel does not have visibility, nor does it store any credit card information provided by the clients. The purchase is directed by the integrator MOIP and administered directly by the operators of the credit and debit card, or bank, who take full responsibility for the validation of the procurement processes, thus excluding brazilbustravel.com from possible disputes arising from system failure or other such issues.

Credit card.

The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Elo and Hipercard.

Order cancellation and refund situations.

If a technical problem occurs in making the request, there will be a 100% refund guaranteed.
Send an e-mail to client-service@queropassagem.com.br
IMPORTANT: Performing this action should be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.
If the customer contacts the bus company directly it will not be possible for brazilbustravel.com to cancel because:
There is no way to know that the bus company has cancelled the ticket.
There is no way to know if the ticket has already been claimed.
There is no way to know if reimbursement has been made.
There is no way to know if the ticket has been postponed to another date.
The cancellation would need to be forwarded to brazilbustravel.com by the bus company after the customer has requested change.
Cancellations cannot be partial. One must cancel the entire order and not just one ticket of a multiple seat order.
In case you pass the deadline of 24 hours prior to departure, the cancellation must be made directly with the bus company.

Refund of purchase on Credit Card

Reimbursments on credit cards will be processed within 24 hours from your requests and apply to tickets booked through brazilbustravel.com website. You can cancel tickets up to 24 hours before your departure by contacting client-service@brazilbustravel.com

Depending on the carrier you may be entitled to a full or partial reimbursement, but no less than 70% of amount paid excluding brazilbustravel.com service charges and credit card charges. If the ticket issuing bus company is contacted directly and ticket is effectively cancelled the credit card account will be reimbursed the specified amount between 30-60 days of cancellation. If this does not occur, please contact us immediately with the exact details of the circumstance and the financial department will deal with the situation urgently.

Cancellation requests made after travel date or earlier than 24 hours before the departure will not be honored and not entitled to reimbursment.

Bank Transfer

Payment by bank transfer is accepted in special circumstances and client-service@brazilbustravel.com must be contacted for manual bookings.

At what age does a child pay?

Children 5 years of age and younger shall be exempt from payment, provided they do not occupy a seat.
According to [Item XVII of Art. 6 of Resolution No. 1383 of 29/03/06, as amended by Resolution No. 1,922, of 28/03/2007, ANTT].

How do I travel with a Child?

In order to protect and ensure the safety of parents and children under age 12 there are special conditions for travel between cities and states. Children and adolescents should always travel equipped with an original document of identification (Birth Certificate, Passport, RG or RNE).
Children 5 and under: Kids up to 5 years of age are entitled to free travel provided they do not occupy a seat.
Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a family member (father, mother, grandparents, great grandparents, brothers, uncles, nephews, guardian or legal guardian, all 18 years or older), with kinship proven by documentation.
If there is no relationship between the child under 12 years old and the companion, notarized written authorization will be required, signed by the father or the mother or guardian.
To travel alone, it is necessary that the child under 12 years old have legal authorization which can be requested by the parents in the “Posto do Juizado de Menores” or “Foram da Camarca” of the district in which the child resides.
Children under 12 can travel between cities that make up a single metropolitan area without judicial authorization.
Persons between 12 and 17 years old may travel alone provided they have an identification document.

Model of travel authorization:


I, (full name), ID No. (fill in ID number), residing at (street, number, neighborhood, city), AUTHORIZE my child (Child’s full name), to travel to (location), accompanied by (full name), ID No. (fill in ID number). This authorization is valid for a period of (indicate time period) and therefore should remain with the documents of (Child’s name) and may not be retained by anybody or any authority, whatever the pretext.
São Paulo, ___of__________of _____.

(signature) (notarize)

Note: Must be notarized at the City Municipal Building (Cartório).

Baggage allowance.

Baggage is carried in a compartment of the bus and is not to exceed 30 kg and not to exceed 300 cubic decimeters. Carry-on luggage is not to exceed 5 kg. The bus carrier may charge 0.5% of the ticket value, per kilo, for an item over the allowed weight. This extra fee will be charged directly to the passenger by the bus company.

Do I have the right to insurance?

The DPVAT (Personal Injury Caused by Motor Land Vehicles) and liability are guaranteed by every Bus Company.

Transport of animals

Remember that Bus Companies have no obligation by law to board animals or pets.
If the company allows it, they must be properly secured and cannot affect the comfort and convenience of other passengers.
The standards are available on the IDEC (Brazilian Institute for Consumer Defense) website: www.idec.org.br

Where do I board?

Boarding is done at the bus station and departing bus terminal indicated on your ticket.
To board or get off a bus at any other point must be negotiated with the bus company. It is common to speak to the Bus Driver if you would like to get off the bus at a destination along the bus route. Simply tell the driver where you would like to get off, preferably before the bus departs.

Documents necessary to travel

All passengers will need a valid photo ID to enter a bus.

People with special needs

For discount or free travel, we recommend contacting a bus company directly.
Individuals with disabilities are exempt from bus fees only in the use of suburban intercity buses, with proof of work ineligibility or if the person is a minor of 14 years.
To ensure exemption of fees for a person who is disabled, one should contact health services from his/her municipality and request a medical report. With possession of the report, one should seek a bus company with lines going to the desired destination and submit the requested documentation necessary to register.

Visually impaired accompanied by guide dog
The visually impaired have the right to enter and remain with the animal in vehicles and in public and private institutions which include road and suburban intercity buses.
The visually impaired should carry their personal documents and the dog’s documents (certifying ownership and training) and the dog must be equipped with name tag, collar, harness with handle and guide. The dog must travel on the vehicle floor or area for wheelchairs while the doors to the bus are sealed.