Angra dos Reis bus station

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Avenida Almirante Jair Carneiro Toscano de Brito, s/n – Balneário
Angra dos Reis– RJ


(13) 3383-8933

Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis Bus Station, also known as Nilton Barbosa Bus Station is located 2.5 km from the city centre. The Station has seven boarding platforms, 81 parking spaces and numerous shops in 1,700 square meters.

More than 30.000 people use the station every day to go to Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. The station was built in the Chácara beach area and supports four bus operators. It also offers round trips every half an hour thanks to which the tourist can enjoy the Atlantic Forest landscapes and Rio de Janeiro’s beaches.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    There are 15 registered taxis available at the taxi stands around the station. For further information call (24) 3365- 3393 or (24) and 3365-0969.


  • Taxis

    The Bus Station is accessible for disabled, elderly and wheelchair users. There is one (1) toilet for disabled users; one (1) Wheelchair; one (1) transshipment chair; free baggage trolleys, two (2) exclusive parking spaces in the parking lot.

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found service is located at the local administrative department and the contact is (24) 3365-2041.

  • Bathrooms

    The Station provides four bathrooms, ensuring access and independence for people with special needs. Showers and towels are available at cost of R$ 4,50. Toilets - R$ 1,00.


  • Shops

    The Bus Station of Angra dos Reis offers snack bars and newsstands.

  • Parking

    There are 81 parking spaces, one for disabled costumers and one for elderly. Parking lot is located just across the road, in front of the Station to facilitate loading and unloading in the main entrance.

    Parking charges. Hour - R$ 2.00; Daily - R$ 20,00.


  • Bagage Storage

    Baggage Storage service runs all day at main entrance. Daily rate - R$ 3,00.

Bus Tickets from Angra dos Reis

Departure Duration Destination Bus Company Class Price Per Person
05h15 30m Rio De Janeiro (novo Rio) (RJ) Viação VIACAO SERTANEJA Conventional USD 2.64
06h00 2h 50m Rio De Janeiro (novo Rio) (RJ) Viação ROTA TRANSPORTES Conventional USD 9.23
09h00 30m Rio De Janeiro (novo Rio) (RJ) Viação VIACAO SERTANEJA Conventional USD 2.64
09h40 5h 15m Ubatuba (SP) Viação EUCATUR Conventional USD 20.25
11h55 5h 10m Ubatuba (SP) Viação EUCATUR Conventional USD 20.25
16h00 6h 10m Ubatuba (SP) Viação CRUZEIRO DO SUL Conventional USD 31.33
17h20 5h 5m Ubatuba (SP) Viação EUCATUR Conventional USD 20.25
18h55 5h 10m Ubatuba (SP) Viação EUCATUR Conventional USD 20.25
20h59 18m Ubatuba (SP) Viação EXPRESSO GUANABARA Conventional USD 0.90