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Brazil Bus Travel is an online bus booking website brought to you by Quero Passagem Viagens e Turismo Ltda. - an online tourism agency operating in Brazil, for everyone around the World who wishes to travel by bus around Brazil.

Since the very beginning that is September 2013 our search engine and booking system has been working with the best Brazilian bus companies. This list is continuously expanding and nowadays encompasses 64 bus companies that offer their travel services to over 3000 destinations in Brazil. This covers approximately 80% of all bus routes in Brazil.

Our mission it to turn the experience of travelling by bus in Brazil for everyone around the World more enjoyable. We believe this can be achieved by planning and securing your bus trip in advance. Hence our effort to provide a secure and fast online booking engine that will be available for as a broad audience as possible.

Brazil Bus Travel is available also in Spanish under the domain https://quieroautobus.com and Portuguese at https://queropassagem.com.br on all devices whether it is desktop, mobile or tablet.