Belo Horizonte bus station

Buses from Belo Horizonte


Praça Rio Branco, 100, Centro, Belo Horizonte - MG


(31) 3271-3000

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte Bus Station receives more than 17 million tourists from all over the country annually. Inaugurated in 1971 to operate throughout the state of Minas Gerais and other cities in the Southeast, the station is an example of modernization and comfort.

It was built strategically in the central area of the state capital to carry out several interstate bus travels, as well as local and intercity routes. Named as Israel Pinheiro Bus Terminal, the place has 45,500 square meters (length) with capacity to receive 40.000 people per day. The terminal runs 24/7 every day.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    There is a taxi stand inside the complex


  • Taxis

    Accessibility for passengers with special needs, the elderly and disabled is assured through access ramps, a special passage in the boarding area and four elevators to reach the platforms B, D, E and G.

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found service works during business hours (Monday-Friday) near the disembarking area. The objects are stored for up to seven days. After this period they are sent to the Central Post Office, after 30 days they are donated to social institutions.

  • Bathrooms

    There are toilets available inside the Bus Station. Prices: toilet - R$ 0.50; baby-changing facility - R$ 0.50; shower with towel and soap - R$ 6.00 (at disembarking area).


  • Shops

    There are the following shops opened in the complex to make passengers’ life easier: Lan House, bookstores, gift shops, newsagents, tobacco shop, beauty salon, lottery and post office.

  • ATMs

    You can find the following ATMs inside the terminal: Bradesco, Itaú, Banco 24 Horas and Banco do Brasil.

  • Parking

    The terminal has a roofless parking lot with 210 car spaces and 16 for motorcycles and another with coverage for 86 car spaces and 8 for motorcycles. The values vary according to duration and vehicle:

    • cars - R$ 1.60 (15 minutes),R$ 6.40 (hour) and R$ 44.80 (daily);
    • motorcycles - R$ 0.90 (15 minutes), R$ 3.60 (hour) and R$ 25.20 (daily);
    • tow trucks - R$ 3.20 (15 minutes), R$ 2.80 (hour) and R$ 89.60 (daily)

    * the parking lot card loss will be charged R$ 6.40.

  • Bagage Storage

    This sector is easy to be found on the 3rd boarding floor. Prices are as follows: small - R$ 7.00; medium - R$ 14.00; big - R$ 18.00. The phone number is (32) 3212-2712.

Bus Tickets from Belo Horizonte

Departure Duration Destination Bus Company Class Price Per Person
17h50 30m Sao Paulo (tiete) (SP) Viação TRANSNORTE Conventional USD 2.50
19h15 14h 10m Brasilia (DF) Viação CAICARA Cama USD 35.00
19h30 14h 40m Curitiba (PR) Viação GONTIJO Executive USD 44.48
19h30 12h Brasilia (DF) Viação EXPRESSO UNIAO Executivo Com Ar USD 29.97
19h30 12h Brasilia (DF) Viação EXPRESSO UNIAO Leito Com Ar USD 36.44
20h30 10h 15m Brasilia (DF) Viação EXPRESSO UNIAO Semi-Leito USD 27.69
20h30 10h 15m Brasilia (DF) Viação EXPRESSO UNIAO Cama USD 43.75