São Paulo - Tietê bus station

Buses from São Paulo - Tietê


Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul, 1800 – Santana
São Paulo – SP


(11) 3386-1100

São Paulo - Tietê

Bus terminal Tietê is the world’s second largest bus complex and the largest of Latin America. Opened on May 9th, 1982, the terminal stands out for its modern design with large constructions built with the use of renewable materials. Every day more than 60 thousand bus tickets are sold for trips to Latin American destinations and 21 Brazilian states.

The station works 24/7 offering more than 300 bus lines operated by 65 companies, through 72 boarding and 17 disembarking platforms, which cover 1.010 cities. The Bus Station is accessible for the disabled, elderly and wheelchair users

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    There are two types of taxi services: Red and White Taxi:  (11) 2221-9149; (11) 2221-0555 or 2221-3779.


  • Taxis

    4 (four) toilets for the disabled,

    2 (two) ramps at the main entrance, in front of Cruzeiro do Sul Avenue and at loading and unloading yard,

    2 (two) toilets on the second floor,

    2 (two) bathrooms with showers adapted for disabled people,

    5 (five) wheelchairs, including one for obese,

    8 (eight) exclusive parking spaces - three are located at Cruzeiro do Sul Avenue and five in the garage building, beside the terminal,

    9 (nine) elevators to access the boarding areas;

    6 (six) elevators,

    2 (two) ATMs adapted for wheelchair users;

    6 (six) public phones; 24/7 first aid post

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and found service is located at the Information Desk on the second floor and works on weekdays from 8:00am to 5:30pm. Lost items are stored for up to two months, after this they are donated.

  • Bathrooms

    The place has six bathrooms, baby-changing and children facilities for free, and two private bathrooms with showers. The prices are: hot showers - R$ 7,00; hot showers with sterilized towel and soap - R$ 13,00 (if you return the towel the price is not fully charged).


  • Shops

    The place offers outstanding brands such as Casa do Pão de Queijo (Stuffed Bread cheese house), Bob's restaurant, Le Postiche (bags and suitcases shop), Boticário (cosmetics) and Fotótica (photo printing service shop) in 55 thousand square meters area. The station is a perfect place to buy a book, have a haircut and use ATMs. There are CD shops, vaccination center, bathrooms, parking spaces, public phones, social assistance and more.

  • ATMs

    The terminal has ATMs of the following banks: Caixa Econômica Federal, HSBC, 24/7 bank and Bradesco.

  • Parking

    Unlike the others, the terminal has two large parking lots:

    One at 2010 Cruzeiro do Sul Avenue with 368 parking spaces, where eight of them are for the disabled and 19 for the elderly, and the other parking lot at 213 Maria Prestes Maia street has 572 parking spaces, where 12 places are reserved for the disabled and 29 for the elderly.

    For more information phone (11) 2221-0233. Prices: 1 hour - R$ 7,00; 2 hours - R$ 8,00; 3 to 24/7 - R$ 1.0 per hour, 24/7 - R$ 32,00; monthly fee - R$ 130,00.

  • Bagage Storage

    Baggage storage service offers two types of lockers: Manual - Small (R$ 4,00), Medium (R$ 6,00) and large (ask for the price), Automatic - R$ 7,00 (24/7); key loss - R$ 40,00. Contact (11) 2221-6535 (extension 7100).