Jundiaí bus station

Buses from Jundiaí


Avenida Nove de Julho, 4000– Jardim Anhanguera
Jundiaí– SP


(11) 4521-0981


undiaí Bus Terminal or José Alves Bus Terminal has an impressive and modern design and is the newest terminal of São Paulo. It is situated next to the Anhanguera Highway.

The place has 4,500 square meters, with the capacity to receive more than five thousand people every day. The station offers 225 bus lines that cover 300 municipalities.

The terminal is serviced by 30 bus companies to meet the great demand for bus travels. The terminal’s pedestrian entrance is adjacent to the 9 de junho Avenue.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    Taxis do not work overnight and are found in front of the complex.


  • Taxis

    Jundiaí Bus Terminal offers adapted toilets, special public telephones, access ramps to the platforms, exclusive parking spaces for the disabled and elderly. You can request the use of wheelchairs.

  • Bathrooms

    There are free bathrooms and two adapted toilets at the end of the entrance hall. Showers are paid. Hot showers with sterilized towel and soap cost R$ 10.00 for eight minutes.


  • Shops

    The station has a pub (Brahma Beer kiosk), snack bars, convenience store and a newsstand.

  • Parking

    The parking lot has 82 spaces; two for the elderly and two for people with special needs. There are 12 spaces for motorcycles. Prices: 1 hour - R$ 3.60; Additional hours (4 hours) - R$ 2.40 each; Daily - R$ 13.00; Monthly - R$ 65.00 for motorcycles and R$ 130.00 for cars.