Campinas bus station

Buses from Campinas


Rua Doutor Pereira Lima, 60-140 - Vila Industrial, Campinas - SP


(19) 3731-2930


Campinas Bus Terminal or Ramos de Azevedo (CTRC) Bus Terminal is serviced by 49 bus companies which offer intercity, interstate and international routes.

This is the second largest bus terminal in the state of São Paulo. The terminal is recognized for integrating states and has recently been renewed. The complex also includes high-speed rail connection.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    There are several taxi stands available around the Campinas Bus Terminal.


  • Taxis

    At Campinas Bus Station you can get free wheelchairs or stretchers to move around, both offered by the station administration. There are adapted restrooms, escalators, telephones, lifts and even staff to assist the disabled and elderly

  • Bathrooms

    There are eight toilets available next to the Information Desk.


  • Shops

    The large internal space provides access to a variety of shops, restaurants, a beauty salon, newsagents, pharmacies and coffee shops.

  • ATMs

    Banco do Brasil, Banco 24 Horas, Itaú, Bradesco and Caixa Econômica Federal. They are easily found inside the bus station.

  • Parking

    The parking station works 24/7 and has 400 spaces where five are for the disabled and 18 for the elderly - 30 min costs R$ 3.70, 1 hour - R$ 6.50, extra hour - R$ 2.70, 12 to 24/7 - R$ 21.50, renters - R$ 90.00, monthly - R$ 180.00.