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Bonito, located in the southwest part of Mato Grosso do Sul is one of the centres of ecotourism in Brazil. The region features a mix of cerrado (Brazilian savanna, rich in animal and plant biodiversity) with vegetation typical for Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest). Due to its unique character, Bonito received in 2013 the World Responsible Tourism Award in London.

Attractions and activities
Inside the municipality, around 40 attractions await for visitors. You can start from simply contemplating various wonders of nature: crystal-clear rivers, waterfalls, grottos and a rich fauna and flora (hundreds of bird, mammal and reptile species). However, Bonito offers a wide range more active and adventurous forms of tourism as well: tree-climbing (arvorismo), kayaking,  rafting, stand up paddle surfing, horseriding and mountain biking. The most adventurous can also try their skills in abseiling and diving in rivers and lakes.

An overwhelming majority of the attractions are located on private properties, at a distance of 10-50 kilometres from the town. Due to that access is limited and the visitors need to buy special passes to every site – usually and most comfortably through a tourist agency. In the city itself, visitors have  a chance to learn about regional fish species in the municipal aquarium.

What to eat and drink
Fish, as well as caimans, also feature abundantly in the local dishes. You can try them in one of the numerous restaurants in Bonito,  such as Cantinho do Peixe (Rua Coronel Pilád Rebuá, 1437) .

In Pantanal Carnes Exóticas (also Rua Cel Pilad Rebuá, 1808), the menu features such exotic meats like peccaries or capybaras.  For a little refreshment,  grab an ice pop at Delícias do Cerrado (Rua Pilad Rebua, 1828)


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