Buses in Brazil: 5 Companies to Travel all Around the Country

Buses in Brazil are one of the most popular ways of travelling around the country and there are many reasons people would rather use this kind of transportation over airplanes for example. Besides lower fares, the vehicles are equipped with many conveniences to make your trip more comfortable.

However, a common complication for foreigners is finding out what bus line to choose, since there are hundreds of them. So as to make your decision easier, we have separated 5 of the best companies of buses in Brazil. Check it out!


Cometa bus company


Cometa is a very famous company to travel in Brazil. It is also one of the oldest, starting to operate in the 30s. It has several types of buses, including the conventional for short trips and the best option to travel long distances: Leito Cama, with comfortable and roomy leather chairs that turn into real beds. The model also offers Wi-Fi 4G, snacks, pillow and blanket.


The main routes of Cometa are:





1001 bus company

Founded more than 70 years ago, 1001 is also one of the oldest companies of bus in Brazil. The corporation is part of the group JCA, which englobes some of the main bus companies of the country.


The bus company offers urban, conventional, executive and leito buses. The urban one is the simplest and only operates inside the city. From the conventional on, they start getting more comfortable and all of them have reclining chairs and air conditioner.


The main routes of 1001 are:





Kaissara bus company

Kaissara was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs that have already started another bus company in Brazil and were looking for the best travel experience for the passengers. Therefore, one of the main goals of Kaissara is to offer great comfort and safety to travelers.


Even the simplest bus model has 2 restrooms and ecological air conditioner. Panoramic windows, fridge, snacks, blanket, pillow and comfortable reclining chairs are some of the other Kaissara’s amenities.


The main routes of the company are:





Pluma bus company

Very famous between Brazilians and foreigners, Pluma is considered one of the best companies in the country. It started to operate in the 60s and offers comfortable trips to cities around Brazil, as well as Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.


The buses of Pluma are equipped with reclining chairs, air conditioner, restroom, blanket and pillow.


The principal routes of Pluma are:





Catarinense bus company

Founded in 1928, Catarinense is the oldest bus company in Brazil and remains until today one of the best, most important and famous of the country. They offer 4 different types of buses: conventional, executive, semi leito and leito, from the simplest to the most comfortable, respectively.


The main Routes of Catarinense are:



Have other companies of buses in Brazil to recommend? Tell us in the comments!


Images: Mercedes-Benz, Quero Passagem, Juntos a Bordo, clicRBS.


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