PETAR, adventures and caves to discover in São Paulo

Let’s say you are visiting São Paulo city, the so-called ‘concrete jungle’. You are having a blast and have all kinds of things to do in this vibrant city (we have written about the attractions of São Paulo here and here).

However, you think that the weekend is coming and you simply would like to see some nature and just have a break. Ok, no problem. How about seeing some caves and waterfalls? Not a bad idea, right? In Alto Ribeira Tourist State Park there are almost 350 caves, trails, beautiful waterfalls, and many other attractions. It is the largest preserved Atlantic Forest in Brazil. If you would like to learn more about this beautiful place, we encourage you to read this text.

How to get to Alto Ribeira Tourist State Park?


We have mentioned it before and will repeat it often, as we believe, that the best way to travel across Brazil, is by bus. This means of transportation is cheaper than planes (remember that there are no trains in Brazil) and it is comfortable. You do not need to rent a car – you can just buy your bus ticket online and sit comfortably and read a book or have a nap.


All you have to do is to visit the Brazil Bus Travel  website and find your bus. We recommend going from São Paulo bus station to Capão Bonito. It will take you around 4 hours to get there. Then, you just need to take a taxi to get to the Alto Ribeira Tourist State Park.

You do not need to have the Brazilian ID or Brazilian credit card to buy the tickets online. Just choose the departing and destination cities, pick a date and buy the ticket. Simple, right?

PETAR what to see   


Parque Estadual Turístico do Alto Ribeira (PETAR) is a park in the state of São Paulo and is located between Apiaí and Iporanga cities. 


Remember that you must plan the trip, as tours require a local tour guide and the caves and other attractions have a limit of people per day. 


You will find four visiting centers in the park (Nucleo Santana, Nucleo Ouro Grosso, Nucleo Caboclos, and Nucleo Casa de Pedra). Currently, 12 PETAR caves are open to visitors. The most famous caves are Caverna de Santana and Caverna do Ouro Grosso. Every cave is different (some caves contain beautiful rivers) so try to talk to the tour agent and ask which one he would recommend for you.

Do not forget about the waterfalls which are breathtaking and are also an amazing tourist attraction. There is nothing better than to swim in the crystal clear water during the hot and sunny day.


If you love sports like rafting, riding a bike, climbing, canoeing, diving inside caves and many others – this is a place for you. There are many agencies which offer those attractions. 


We hope that we have encouraged you to visit the Alto Ribeira Tourist State Park. If you have any questions about the trip or simply want to leave your comment, please do it in the comments section below. We are happy to answer all your questions. Enjoy your stay in Brazil.


São Paulo is the second most desirable travel destination in the world in 2020

Thanks to Google research made between January and December 2019 for dates in 2020 (searches for accommodation – hotels), you can check which cities are those which people want to visit the most in 2020. This research may give you some ideas about where to go on your holiday. We are very proud that São Paulo is second on the list, just after Da Nang in Vietnam. If you decide to visit this unique place in Brazil, which we encourage you to do so, we will give you a few tips about what to see and do in the city. We will also briefly talk about the results of the research.

Google research – results


The first place on the list takes Da Nang in Vietnam. Da Nang is a city where many people start their adventure in Central Vietnam. It is often a halfway point for people who visit the country because it lies between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The atmosphere there is different from those of both cities, though. Arriving there you can set off on a journey in almost every direction and find many fascinating and magical places. The city is surrounded by sea and mountains and it has a unique microclimate. 

The second on the list is São Paulo and then Seul in South Korea, Tokyo (Japan), Tel Aviv (Israel), Marseille (France), Vienna (Austria), Bangkok (Thailand), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Perth (Australia). Let’s focus on São Paulo, as this city is the closest to our hearts.


São Paulo – the largest city in Latin America


São Paulo is the largest city not only in the country but also throughout Latin America. It has a special atmosphere and many attractions. São Paulo is the most ethnically and religiously diverse urban area. This settlement, founded in the 16th century, still attracts crowds of tourists.

We have written about this city before and encourage you to read the article about time, weather and also some tips that we give to the tourists. Below you will find three other attractions that can be found in São Paulo that we have not mentioned in the previous article. 

Aclimação and Ibirapuera 

São Paulo is known as the concrete city, however, it is not entirely true. Aclimação and Ibirapuera are two parks worth visiting. The first park gives a delicate foretaste of the Brazilian tropical forest. In addition to the beautiful nature, you can encounter monkeys and proudly strolling peacocks. In Ibirapuera Park, on the other hand, you can see interesting constructions and works of art incorporated into the natural landscape. Everything can be touched which is quite an attraction for children.

Mercado Municipal Paulistano


This fruit, meat, and vegetable market delight with a variety of smells and flavors. Your taste buds will experience something indescribable. We are sure that you have never seen so many fruits, nuts, and seafood in one place. In addition to taste sensations, Mercado Municipal Paulistano also offers artistic experience, as the entire attic is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows.




Once you are in São Paulo, you can easily travel to other cities by bus. You can go to Rio de Janeiro in around 4 hours. All you have to do is visit the Brazil Bus Travel website and buy your ticket online. It is a recommended website that specializes in selling bus tickets for foreigners. 


We hope that you have found some inspiration for your next holiday. We wish you amazing experiences.


São Paulo Brazil: time, weather and some tips

If you are thinking of going to Brazil and do not know if São Paulo is worth a visit – this article is definitely for you. You will find here the answer to a question – what time is it in São Paulo Brazil?; some information about the culture and of course, we will leave some tips for you.

São Paulo Brazil – concrete jungle?

Some people may be wondering if they want to spend their precious time off in the city of skyscrapers? After all, there are more than 200 buildings that are higher than 100 m. You have to answer this question on your own, however, the time spent in this unique city can be unforgettable. 

The highest building in o Paulo is Mirante do Vale (170 m). Then we have the skyscraper built by Italian immigrants – Edifício Itália (168 m). We also have the so-called replica of the Empire State Building in New York – Edifício do Banespa known as Altino Arantes (161 m). Another building worth mentioning is not that high, but it was designed by Oscar Niemeyer – Edifício Copan (115 m). Edifício Martinelli was the first skyscraper in Brazil that for a long time was the highest building in Latin America. 

At the top of Edifício Itália, there is an Italian restaurant and bar called Terraço Italia from which you can see the view of the whole city. Great place for dinner!

Edifício Copan located in São Paulo downtown

São Paulo Brazil culture

We do not have enough space to write about the cultural offer of this city. It is very diverse. We have mentioned about it in our previous article .

If you like unconventional art – you have the chance to visit a city of colourful murals and graffiti. One of the most interesting for sure is the 52 m high image of the most famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. It was made in 2013 on the entire wall of one of the skyscrapers at Avenida Paulista.


We also recommend visiting the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in São Paulo. It is the sixth most-visited cultural institution in Brazil. It is a part of a larger cultural institution with branches in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasília. What is more, it is among the first hundred most-visited cultural institutions in the world. The building houses a theatre, cinema, exhibition space, auditorium, audiovisual rooms and a charming cafeteria. 


The Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) is one of the most important Brazilian museums. Founded in 1947 by Assis Chateaubriand and Pietro Maria Bardi, it was the first museum in the country devoted to contemporary art. The object is famous not only for its more than 8 thousand exhibits (paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc.) but also for its modern architecture.

What time is it in São Paulo Brazil and weather details

The time zone in the city is UTC/GMT-3. The same as in the capital city of Brazil, Brasília. Depending on what country you are from, the time difference varies.


You will find the weather details below:

– The best months in terms of weather in São Paulo are June, July, August, September and October,

– Warm and a bit rainy months are the following: January, February, March, September, October, November and December,

– The rainiest months are January and December.

Our tips

If you are thinking of visiting one than more city during your visit, we recommend travelling by bus and buying your bus tickets in advance. It will save you time and nerves. Travelling by bus in Brazil is very comfortable and cheaper. If you want to find details about it, just read our articles for example here  or here .

You can use websites where you can book your ticket as a foreigner, for example, Brazil Bus Travel . It is a well-known website that specializes in selling bus tickets for foreigners online. When you travel from São Paulo, you have a lot of routes to choose from. You can go to Rio de Janeiro (the journey takes around 4 hours), without having to spend time at the airport.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading our article and you have found it informative. As always, if you have additional questions, do not hesitate to leave them below. Have an amazing trip to Brazil.