What language is spoken in Brazil?

If you have decided to travel to Brazil, you most probably have the best holidays in your life ahead of you.

You may be planning all the details of your trip now – accommodation, bus tickets, plane tickets, travel insurance and so on.

However, have you thought about what language is spoken in Brazil? Maybe it is worth knowing the basic phrases useful during travelling?

When travelling to a different country it is always worth to learn the basic information about the history of the country.

It is always useful while talking to the locals and of course, it is better for us to do a bit of research to experience the trip better.

The best place to search for that kind of information is travel guides or our website.

We will take just three minutes of your time and you will learn the basic information about Brazil’s language.

Why is Portuguese spoken in Brazil?

Throughout the vast continent of South America, people use the Spanish language to communicate.

The only exception is Brazil, where the official language is Portuguese.

However, it is not the same Portuguese as spoken in Portugal – it is Brazilian Portuguese.

Why Brazil is so exceptional?

Let us go back to the times of geographical discoveries.

In XV centuries, many of those discoveries were made by the Portuguese.

They have started the colonization of West Africa and were the first ones to reach India by sea during the pioneering expedition of Vasco da Gama.

During the same times, Christopher Columbus discovered America for the Spaniards.

What language is spoken in Brazil?

Those both countries strived to own as much of the new lands as possible.

But the question was, what lands would belong to whom?

Due to the treaty of Tordesillas signed in Spain on June 7, 1494, the lands that were being newly discovered in the world became divided into the west and east sides.

The west side with the Americas belonged to Spain and the east side with Africa belonged to Portugal.

The margin line was along the 46th meridian west of Greenwich.

However, during the next expeditions in South America, it was discovered that some part of the land sticks out east of the margin line.

Portuguese used this fact immediately and created Brazil.

That is why the official language in Brazil is Portuguese.

When you want to travel to Brazil, learn the basic words.

Once you have learned what language is spoken in Brazil, we recommend learning a few basic words and sentences that you may find useful during your trip:

Sim – Yes

Ṇo РNo

Obrigado – Thank you (male)

Obrigada – Thank you (female)

Oi!/Olá – Hello

Bom dia – Good morning

Boa tarde – Good afternoon

Boa noite – Goodnight

Muito prazer – Nice to meet you

Tudo bem? – How are you?

At̩ mais РSee you soon

Quanto custa isso? – how much is it?

Onde é … – Where is…?

Pode me ajudar? – Can you help me?

We hope that a bit of history will encourage you to learn even more about the history and customs of this beautiful place.

You can also look for more information concerning travelling to Brazil here.

We wish you an amazing stay in Brazil.

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