How to choose the best bus seats when travelling in Brazil

The buses have become the main mean of transport for many Brazilians and foreign tourists.

Taking into consideration the fact that all the big cities in the country are linked by frequent buses, makes it much easier to organise your trip when exploring this amazing place.

The bus transit system is well organised and modern. The buses are also cheaper than planes and are really comfortable.

If you are thinking about going to Brazil, visit any website where you can buy your bus ticket online and choose the best seat for you in advance. We are here to help you with that choice.

Window or aisle seat?

It is up to our own needs whether we choose the window seat or the one in the middle of the bus just next to the aisle.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner - Rio de Janeiro tickets

Some people prefer to seat by the window to be able to enjoy the views, others choose the aisle seat to have the freedom to stand up and go to the toilet whenever they want to.

If you plan to sleep the whole way, choose the window seat because no one will interrupt you.

On the other hand, if you don’t like asking people to move, because you have to go to the toilet, pick the aisle bus seats instead.

Which row should you choose?

The choice of the row always takes some time as you have to take a few important aspects into consideration.

the front rows

The front rows usually don’t have any other seats in front of them, so you will not have a table or a pocket to store your things like mobile phone or book.

How to choose the best bus seats when travelling in Brazil

However, if you suffer from motion sickness, the best place for you is there.

rows in the middle of the bus

Those bus seats are the best option when it comes to safety when travelling by bus.

You also don’t have to go a long way to the toilet.

What is more, you will always have a row in front of you, thus a table and storage place.

rows at the back of the bus

Those are the seats for travelers who like to be close to the toilet, especially at night.

However, for some, it may be a little bit uncomfortable because of the unpleasant smell that may occur.

The back seats usually have a lot of space for legs, so decide what is the priority for you.

Additional tips when travelling by bus

Whatever bus seat you choose, it is also good to be prepared and remember about the following points:

drink clean water

It is better to drink bottled mineral water during travelling instead of fizzy drinks.

The ‘artificial’ drinks cause abdominal bloating and “unfresh” water may cause unpleasant stomach problems.

stretch your legs

If you have had problems with swollen legs while travelling, try to move and stretch them from time to time.

You may also massage them from the bottom to upper parts.

back problems

If you have back problems, don’t overstrain it with heavy luggage.

Ask somebody to help you to carry it, but if you don’t have that option don’t pack a lot of things and carry it in both hands for good balance.

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