Natal bus station

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Avenida Capitão Mor Gouveia, 1237 – Cidade Esperança
Natal – RN


(84) 3205-2931


us Terminal of Natal (Rio Grande do Norte state) was founded in 1981 in the West Zone of the capital and until today is the principal station statewide.

The station is more than two thousand kilometers away from the Brazil’s capital, Brasília (DF). The station is located in one of the city’s most preserved areas and the beautiful building still remains intact.

The place is also called Severino Tomaz da Silveira Bus Station and offers several intercity bus lines to transport travelers and workers to neighborhoods as Ponta Negra, the city’s most developed place in the South Zone.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    There are 40 accredited taxi drivers at the station’s taxi stand which have access to the boarding platforms.


  • Taxis

    Natal Bus Station provides the following facilities for the wheelchair users, passengers with reduced mobility and the disabled - one (1) stretcher; one (1) wheelchair; one (1) transshipment chair.

  • Lost and Found

    The lost and found service at the Natal bus station works during business hours at the administrative part of the building.

  • Bathrooms

    There are two toilets, but none is adapted for wheelchair users.


  • Shops

    There are newsstands, two post offices, coffee shops and restaurants inside the building.

  • ATMs

    You can withdraw money at Banco 24 Horas.

  • Parking

    The parking lot contains 200 spaces and is placed on the ground floor, next to the terminal, and runs 24/7. Prices: up to 2 hours - R$ 2.25; after 2 hours - R$ 0.50; monthly - R$ 60.00; for more information phone (84) 3205-2931 or 3205-2922.

  • Bagage Storage

    This service operates 24/7 and stores two types of luggage: normal - R$ 2.50 (up to 12 hours), with R$ 1.50 for additional hours; special - R$ 5.00 (up to 12 hours), with R$ 3.00 for additional hours.

Bus Tickets from Natal

Departure Duration Destination Bus Company Class Price Per Person
07h00 14h 27m Sobral (CE) Viação EXPRESSO GUANABARA Conventional USD 37.03
07h00 1d 15h 7m Belem (PA) Viação EXPRESSO GUANABARA Conventional USD 97.27
07h00 1d 1h 14m Peritoro (MA) Viação EXPRESSO GUANABARA Conventional USD 63.83
14h30 1d 2h 19m Peritoro (MA) Viação PROGRESSO Conventional USD 64.12