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Rua Mário de Andrade, 664 - Barra Funda
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São Paulo - Barra Funda

Bus Terminal of Barra Funda is located in São Paulo’s west zone. The complex involves urban transport system, intercity buses, a railway line (CPTM Company) and Subway station of Barra Funda, which gives access to red line 3 and west-east line.

The terminal operates for over 20 years transporting 40 thousand people every day across the state of São Paulo, other regions of Brazil and Bolivia (international line). You can also find accommodation there.

Barra Funda station offers more than 150 bus lines operated by 30 bus companies distributed in 28 boarding platforms and 8 disembarking platforms, in an area of over 17,700 square meters.

The bus operators are concerned about quality, safety and satisfaction of the passengers on board.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    It is easy to find taxi stands there.


  • Taxis

    The Bus Station is accessible for the disabled, elderly and wheelchair users. You will find the following facilities there:

    • two (2) toilets for costumers with disabilities;
    • one (1) ramp;
    • three (3) public phones;
    • three (3) wheelchairs, one for obese;
    • 3 (three) exclusive parking spaces;
    • four (4) ATMs for wheelchair users and others with easy access.

  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found works on weekdays from 8:00am to 5:30pm, together with the information desk. The lost items remain in place and when not collected, they are sent to Tietê Bus Station.

    The contact is (11) 2223-7199 - extension 7109.

  • Bathrooms

    There are two men and women bathrooms; shower costs R$ 7,00.


  • Shops

    The terminal has bookstores, restaurants, coffee shops, gift shops, drugstores and post office.

  • ATMs

    There are ATMs of the following banks: Caixa Econômica Federal, Santander, HSBC, Banco 24/7 and Bradesco in the building.

  • Parking

    The station parking lot has 202 parking spaces, five exclusively for the disabled and eleven for the elderly. This service runs daily or monthly system and costs:

    R$ 8.00/hour;

    R$ 10,00/2 hours;

    from 3 to 24/7 costs R$ 1.00 per hour;

    R$ 32.00/24/7;

    R$ 180,00/month.


    The Station address is 103 Tomás Edson Street, Barra Funda, phone number (11) 2221-0233.

  • Bagage Storage

    There are two types of baggage storages: the manual one located on the ground floor charged R$ 3.00 for 8 hours, and the automatic one located on the top floor that costs R$ 9,00 operating 24/7. If you lose your key though, you will be charged R$ 80,00.

Bus Tickets from São Paulo - Barra Funda

Departure Duration Destination Bus Company Class Price Per Person
09h00 5h 50m Catanduva (SP) Viação COMETA Conventional USD 39.17
14h00 6h 35m Ourinhos (SP) Viação MANOEL RODRIGUES Conventional USD 37.77
20h00 1d 4h 5m Cuiaba (MT) Viação EUCATUR Conventional USD 150.20
22h05 8h Sao Jose Do Rio Preto (rodoviaria) (SP) Viação GARCIA Cabine Cama USD 82.64
22h05 8h Sao Jose Do Rio Preto (rodoviaria) (SP) Viação GARCIA With Bed USD 52.49
22h30 10h 35m Maringa (PR) Viação GARCIA Cabine Cama USD 75.23
23h15 7h Sao Jose Do Rio Preto (rodoviaria) (SP) Viação GARCIA Executive USD 51.44
23h30 5h 20m Ourinhos (SP) Viação MANOEL RODRIGUES Conventional USD 37.77
23h50 15h 20m Sao Jose Do Rio Preto (rodoviaria) (SP) Viação REAL EXP Executive USD 75.87
23h55 8h 45m Sao Jose Do Rio Preto (rodoviaria) (SP) Viação GARCIA Executive USD 51.43