Anápolis bus station

Buses from Anápolis


Avenida Brasil Norte, 740– Cidade Jardim
Anápolis – GO


(62) 3324-9245


The place offers transport for hundreds of passengers from the state of Goiás every day, through intercity and interstate travel to the Midwest, Southeast and North of Brazil.

The station is serviced by over five bus companies that offer routes to the states of Bahia, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina. The Real Expresso Bus Company leads long-distance routes operations from this terminal.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    There are accessible taxi ranks around the bus station.


  • Lost and Found

    Objects are stored for up to two months at the Lost and Found sector.

  • Bathrooms

    The bus termin has toilets with special adaptations for the elderly and passengers with disabilities.


  • Shops

    The station has a food court and some gift shops.

  • ATMs

    ATMs are serviced by Banco do Brasil, Itaú, Bradesco and Caixa Econômica Federal.