Americana bus station

Buses from Americana


Rua Ítalo Boscheiro, 220 – Campo Limpo
Americana – SP


(19) 3468-2077


Americana Bus Terminal or Francisco Luiz Bendilatti Bus Terminal has been operating since 1988. The station offers trips to destinations such as São Paulo city, Paraná, Minas Gerais and other locations.

The terminal is serviced by 34 bus companies and offers cargo transportation.

Como Chegar

  • Cab

    The terminal has an exclusive taxi stand. Phone number (19) 3468-1313.


  • Taxis

    he terminal ensures accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility, the disabled and elderly. There are ramps with handrails on boarding and landings areas and adapted bathrooms.

  • Lost and Found

    The service can be easily found inside the station. Objects are stored for up to 60 days.

  • Bathrooms

    The bathrooms are easily found by passengers on the ground floor


  • Shops

    The station has several snack bars, a candy shop, bookstore, Internet café, bazaar and a post office.

  • ATMs

    Available ATMs of major banks in Brazil.

  • Bagage Storage

    The service runs during business hours at the administration area.