Why You Should Travel in Brazil by Bus

Choosing the best mean of transportation when travelling to another country is quite a challenge, especially because we don’t know the place well nor the kind of transport you will find there. Travelling in Brazil by bus is a common option both for Brazilians and foreigners. Some of the reasons are lower fares, when compared to plane tickets, but also the high comfort the bus companies offer to their travelers.

Aware of this challenge, we have prepared a special post telling about how the buses are in Brazil, their pros and cons, including some tips to make your bus trip in the country easier. Take a look at it and if you have questions leave them in the comments section bellow.

How is it Like to Travel in Brazil by Bus?


Brazil, as you may already know, is a huge country. It is common to find long-distance trips that also take long hours on the road. But don’t think it is a bad thing. Due to that fact, the bus companies in Brazil have strongly invested in comfort in order to keep their customers. Even the simplest operating kind of bus — the conventional one — is equipped with air conditioner, restroom and comfortable upholstered and reclining chairs.


Furthermore, there are other two common kinds of buses. The executive buses also have footrest and water on board. On the other hand, “leito” buses are the most comfortable and pleasant way of travelling. They are “the first class” in terms of buses. Their chairs are bigger, better upholstered and recline until 180º (just like a bed). They also offer you a pillow and blanket and, some of the companies, also provide snacks during the trip.

leito seat type


When travelling for over than 7 or 8 hours, for example, it is worth it to buy a “leito” ticket to travel by bus in Brazil. They are more expensive than the conventional and executive buses, but you can sleep better and get to your destination rested, saving the money from the hotel.


Talking about money, fares are another advantage of travelling in Brazil by bus. In addition, you are able to change your trip plans more easily. If you give up the trip within 24 hours in advance, you can get 100% refund and, within three hours before the departure, you can reschedule the trip without any extra charge.


Another advantage of travelling in Brazil by bus is the possibility of watching the beautiful landscapes on the way. The country is full of them.


Tips to Make your Bus Trip in Brazil Easier


bus seat

  • Buy your tickets online: check destinations and fares directly on the internet and get to the bus station only 30 minutes before the departure time;
  • Take a jacket or a small blanket with you. The temperature inside the bus is quite cold, due to the air conditioner;
  • Take something to keep you busy, such as a music player or books, so you don’t get bored during long distances;
  • Take a snack, in case you get hungry. Buses usually stop every 3 to 4 hours, though, where you can buy some food, use the restroom and stretch your legs.


Have you travelled by bus in Brazil and have other tips? Share with us in the comments!


Images: Motordream, Perfil News.

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