6 regions that wine lovers need to know

Admit that you have never associated Brazil with wine.  We guess that even Brazilians do not do that, as they are more Caipirinha and beer lovers, however, you may all be positively surprised. Brazil is the third country in South America in terms of the vineyard area

Vineyards are concentrated in the southern part of the country, where the climate is better suited to wine-growing. Important growing regions are: São Paulo, Santa Catarina and the most important of them, Rio Grande do Sul, neighboring Uruguay.

The first wines were brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in 1532. They have planted them in the state of São Paulo. The Spanish wines were brought to Brazil in 1626 by the Jesuits. What is more, the settlers from the 18th century Azores brought vine plants from Madeira and the Azores.


If you are a wine lover or just like the taste of it and want to experience something new, there are a few regions in Brazil which we recommend visiting and attending the guided tours offered by the vineyards. We have listed them below with short descriptions.


  • Bento Gonçalves


Bento Gonçalves is a city ​​in southern Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is also the second-largest wine region in Brazil and what is interesting – the first in terms of the quality of the wine. It was established in 1870 and inhabited by Italian emigrants (hence the wineries). 

Once you get to the wineries, you can take part in the guided tours and learn more about the process of winemaking. Tasting of the wine is also included. In some of the wineries, there are small inns and restaurants which is a nice bonus. 


  • Garibaldi 

Garibaldi is a small town in the south of the country. The city’s population reaches 28,714 people, most of them of Italian origin. The city is famous for its production of wine and champagne. The name Garibaldi is a tribute to the Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi and his Brazilian wife Anita Garibaldi. 

If you are a fan of sparkling wines, you may find it interesting that Moët & Chandon produce their sparkling wines there. The warm climate in Garibaldi is perfect for the production of sparkling wines which are appreciated by Brazilians.

  • São Roque

São Roque is known as the “Land of Wine”. You will find a few wineries there which offer tours and of course wine tasting. The winery that we recommend visiting is the Góes Winery (Vinícola Góes). During the guided tour, you will learn everything about the wine starting from the history of the vineyard, aromas, flavors and ending at the process of how the wine is packed.


  • Lagoa Grande

In the city of Lagoa Grande in the state of Pernambuco, about 50 km from Petrolina, most of the local wineries are located on the river bank – landscapes with a glass of wine in hand are breathtaking. A great option is the Rio Sol winery which offers several types of tours. You can book the whole day experience or just lunch there. You can even schedule a tour during sunset when you can admire the unique scenery of the São Francisco river. Visit their website and learn more about the offer of this amazing place.


  • Amparo

In the municipality of Amparo, 150 km from the capital of São Paulo, you will find the Terrassos vineyard. You can take part in the guided tour which is around 40-50 minutes long and includes the tasting of 7 kinds of wines. It is a great option for those who like to eat well and admire beautiful views. Just take a look at those pictures. Amazing!

  • São José dos Pinhais

São José dos Pinhais is a city in Paraná – part of the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba. You will find Italian restaurants and cafes there and of course, the wine produced by the descendants of Italians.


You can go to these places by bus. All you have to do is visit the Brazil Bus Travel website and buy your ticket online. It is a recommended website that specializes in selling bus tickets for foreigners.