It is time to discover the amazing Garopaba

Municipality Garopaba is situated in the state of Santa Catarina in the South of Brazil. We do not have to encourage you to go there, the photos below will do their job 🙂 Just look at those beautiful beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, dunes and forests with walking trails. That is a lot to see, right? And that is not all. Just read the rest of our text about Garopaba and learn more about what you can do there and when is the best time to visit this amazing spot.


When to go to Garopaba?


Garopaba is worth visiting at any time of the year. The highest temperatures occur here at the turn of the year (in January the temperature may be around 29 degrees). In June it drops to 20 degrees. However, you can enjoy the sunny weather all year round. Just decide which attractions are most appealing to you and choose if you prefer to do it when it is really hot or just nicely warm.


What to do in Garopaba?


The beaches are not the only attractions for tourists in the area. Everybody will find something to do. Below we will list a few attractions which may be interesting for you:


Dunas do Siriú


Those beautiful dunes are the main attraction when going on Siriú Beach. The area is a part of the Serra do Tabuleiro National Park and is protected by law. Some of the dunes reach even 30 meters high and are a perfect place to practice sandboarding. What an amazing and fun experience, very similar to snowboarding. You have to try it!

Whale watching


Between June and September, our favorite tourist attraction is offered – whale watching. Beautiful female whales give birth and nurse their babies there, as they are further away from predators. An average of 109 right whales is seen each year on the Santa Catarina coast. Garopaba and Imbituba are the main sighting points. You just need to buy a ticket on a boat ride and see the whales just next to the boat. One in a lifetime experience! The rides are regulated by the animal protection association so they are safe and nature-friendly.


Beaches of Garopaba


The beaches in the area of Garopaba are perfect for sunbathing and swimming in translucent waters. They are also attractive for surfers who enjoy big waves. That is why national and international sports championships take place here every year. The main beaches are the following:



  • Praia Garopaba (Central Beach),
  • Praia da Ferrugem,
  • Praia do Silveira,
  • Praia da Barra,
  • Praia do Gamboa.


Walking trails


There are two main trails in the city – Trilha da Pedra Branca (White Stone Trail) and Trilha da Vigia (Lookout Trail). The views are wonderful and in the end, the reward is great!




There are three main waterfalls in Garopaba: Encantada, Siriú and Macacu.

The biggest one – Macacu – which is also the closest to the city center is the most developed. You can find restaurants there, zip lines, climbing walls and more. The other two waterfalls are smaller but also very beautiful.


Party place


Buildings scattered over hilly terrain, unpaved roads and green spaces give a specific rural atmosphere. However, do not expect a peaceful atmosphere. Numerous bars, night clubs, and discos mean that the city attracts crowds of young people from all over Brazil – especially during the carnival – who want to escape from crowded metropolises for this period.


Remember that traveling around Brazil is the easiest and the cheapest if you choose to travel by bus. It is best to buy a bus ticket online beforehand. You will not be stressed that the tickets can be sold out which sometimes can happen especially during the peak traveling season.

We wish you an amazing time in Brazil. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.