Caipirinha – know the story behind the drink

We have written quite a long text about our local delicacies which we recommend trying while visiting Brazil , however, we have not mentioned anything about local drinks. Let us introduce you to our national drink – caipirinha. This is a 100% must-try when visiting our beautiful country. Caipirinha is perfect during hot days on a beach. If you would like to know what is the history behind this yummy beverage and how to make it, this is a place for you.

How caipirinha was created


There are many stories about how caipirinha was invented so we will not give you an exact answer. Some sources say that during the Spanish flu people used to drink it to feel better. But how did they know that the combination of alcohol, lime and sugar would cure them? In the beginning, people used to put a cloth moistened in alcohol to their foreheads to reduce fever. Then they would suck lime to improve immunity. Once, there was a man who accidentally drank a drop of alcohol dripping from his forehead when he was sucking a lime. He felt a bitter taste so he ate a bit of sugar – and there you go – a perfect refreshing drink which cures you when you feel under the weather. This is how caipirinha was created. 

Another story is connected with the name of the drink. Caipira means ‘peasant’ in Portuguese. Because Brazil is the largest producer of sugarcane, the Brazilian peasants or ‘caipiras’ mainly work on the plantations of that cane. Sugar cane has various uses, it can be a component of fuel for cars, but most of all, we use it to make Cachaça. It is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice. This cachaça was consumed by tired caipira after work, who also put lime into it as the taste was very strong. Because temperatures are generally high in Brazil, ice began to be added for refreshment. Well, but since Brazilians love sweet and not tart taste, they started thinking what to add to make it sweet? The answer came quickly – of course, what was in abundance in the sugar cane plantation? And so came the caipirinha and its name came from the creators of this drink – caipiras.


How to make a caipirinha


If you cannot wait and would like to try caipirinha now, you can easily prepare it at home. All you need is cachaça, lime, ice, and sugar


Cut ¾ of lime in wedges. Muddle the lime at the bottom of a glass to release some juice. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar and 40 ml of cachaça. Fill the glass with ice and stir. Saúde!

Enjoy this refreshing drink while visiting Brazil. We also like to add different fruit to our cachaça so you can find different variations of the drink like maracuja cachaça. We like the typical one, though. 


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Enjoy your stay.