Brazil flag – symbols and facts


In the last post, you had the chance to read about the appropriate spelling of the word ‘Brazil’. We also have written a lot about the name of the country and its origin. If you have not read about it and are interested in the topic click here. As we like writing about interesting facts, today we will tell you more about the Brazilian flag. 


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Coming back to Brazil: flag facts. If you do not remember how the flag looks like, here is a little reminder:

As you can see, the flag is in the shape of a rectangle, on which on a green background, there is a large yellow diamond. Inside the diamond, you can see a blue sphere with stars cut through with a white strip with the inscription Ordem e Progresso meaning “order and progress.”

Brazil flag – symbols

It is widely believed that the national colours of Brazil – green and yellow, symbolize the wealth of the country. Green resembles the equatorial forests of the Amazon. The yellow colour resembles gold which attracted European colonists here (Brazil had significant amounts of it in the past). 

The truth is that these colours really come from the previous flag of the Empire of Brazil. They are derived from the colours of the ruling families. The green colour was the symbol of the House of Bragança of Peter I – the first emperor of Brazil. The yellow colour, on the other hand, represented the House of Habsburg – his wife Leopoldina. 


The star system depicted on the flag reflects the sky over Rio de Janeiro on the morning of November 15, 1889 – on the day Brazil was declared a republic. Each of the 27 stars represents one unit of the administrative division of Brazil (26 states and the federal district). The number of stars, initially 21, increased along with the emergence of new administrative regions. The star symbolizing the Federal District is Sigma Octantis, which indicates the south pole of the sky. Such a choice was also symbolic, because this star is visible all year round throughout the country, and the other stars on the sky (symbolising the 26 states) seem to revolve around it. 

What is interesting is that according to the law, the flag should be updated in case a state is created or it has extinct.


The motto of Ordem e Progresso (“Order and Progress”) was inspired by the motto of positivism by August Comte: “L’amour pour principe et l’ordre pour base; le progrès pour but” meaning” Love as a principle, order as a basis, and progress as a goal.”

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