São Paulo is the second most desirable travel destination in the world in 2020

Thanks to Google research made between January and December 2019 for dates in 2020 (searches for accommodation – hotels), you can check which cities are those which people want to visit the most in 2020. This research may give you some ideas about where to go on your holiday. We are very proud that São Paulo is second on the list, just after Da Nang in Vietnam. If you decide to visit this unique place in Brazil, which we encourage you to do so, we will give you a few tips about what to see and do in the city. We will also briefly talk about the results of the research.

Google research – results


The first place on the list takes Da Nang in Vietnam. Da Nang is a city where many people start their adventure in Central Vietnam. It is often a halfway point for people who visit the country because it lies between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The atmosphere there is different from those of both cities, though. Arriving there you can set off on a journey in almost every direction and find many fascinating and magical places. The city is surrounded by sea and mountains and it has a unique microclimate. 

The second on the list is São Paulo and then Seul in South Korea, Tokyo (Japan), Tel Aviv (Israel), Marseille (France), Vienna (Austria), Bangkok (Thailand), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Perth (Australia). Let’s focus on São Paulo, as this city is the closest to our hearts.


São Paulo – the largest city in Latin America


São Paulo is the largest city not only in the country but also throughout Latin America. It has a special atmosphere and many attractions. São Paulo is the most ethnically and religiously diverse urban area. This settlement, founded in the 16th century, still attracts crowds of tourists.

We have written about this city before and encourage you to read the article about time, weather and also some tips that we give to the tourists. Below you will find three other attractions that can be found in São Paulo that we have not mentioned in the previous article. 

Aclimação and Ibirapuera 

São Paulo is known as the concrete city, however, it is not entirely true. Aclimação and Ibirapuera are two parks worth visiting. The first park gives a delicate foretaste of the Brazilian tropical forest. In addition to the beautiful nature, you can encounter monkeys and proudly strolling peacocks. In Ibirapuera Park, on the other hand, you can see interesting constructions and works of art incorporated into the natural landscape. Everything can be touched which is quite an attraction for children.

Mercado Municipal Paulistano


This fruit, meat, and vegetable market delight with a variety of smells and flavors. Your taste buds will experience something indescribable. We are sure that you have never seen so many fruits, nuts, and seafood in one place. In addition to taste sensations, Mercado Municipal Paulistano also offers artistic experience, as the entire attic is decorated with beautiful stained glass windows.




Once you are in São Paulo, you can easily travel to other cities by bus. You can go to Rio de Janeiro in around 4 hours. All you have to do is visit the Brazil Bus Travel website and buy your ticket online. It is a recommended website that specializes in selling bus tickets for foreigners. 


We hope that you have found some inspiration for your next holiday. We wish you amazing experiences.


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