Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

Every traveler knows that the time difference has a big impact on you while you are travelling. The weather is another factor that you should take into consideration while deciding to visit other countries.

What is the best time to travel to Brazil, what time is it in Brazil, what weather in Brazil can you expect?

If you want to find answers to those and other questions, just read our article.

We hope you find it useful.

Time in Brazil

What time is it in Brazil? This question is often asked when thinking of travelling there.

You can always check the local time here, on our website.

The main time zone (UTC/GMT-3) is the same as in the capital city of Brazil – Brasília.

Nearly 94% of the population of Brazil lives in this time zone.

It is used in twenty-one central and easter states. There are three more time zones there: UTC/GMT-2 (a few east-coast islands), UTC/GMT-4 (five western states), UTC/GMT-5 (Acre and 13 municipalities in western Amazonas).

How to overcome jet lag?

We know that the jet lag may be really difficult when travelling to Brazil.

That is why we always recommend going there for at least two weeks.

Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

You will have more time to acclimatize.

Our tips to do it faster are the following:

  • rest before the trip,
  • use earplugs and sleep mask during the flight,
  • get used to the local time right away – try to eat and sleep when the locals do it,
  • spend as much time on the sun as possible, it will help you to acclimatize well,
  • drink water but skip alcohol and caffeine.

Seasons and weather in Brazil

If you come from Europe, remember that the seasons of the year are opposite than yours.

Winter falls in June till September and spring from mid-September till mid-December.

Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

If you want to check how it is like in the summer in Brazil, go there between mid-December till mid-March.

The carnival takes place during the summer so you may consider going to Brazil to experience this amazing time.

Read more about this time here.

Autumn falls in between March and June.

However, you have to remember that the seasons of the year in Brazil are just names.

Most part of Brazil is situated in the tropical climate, so you may even encounter 20-degrees weather during the winter.

What is the best time to visit Brazil?

If you do not like when it is hot and moist, do not choose to go to Brazil between December and February.

We recommend September and October.

Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

The temperatures are not so high, and it is also off-season, so the trip will be cheaper.

If you like sunbathing and swimming in the Ocean, you can do it all year round in Brazil.

The temperature of the water should be perfect.

Just remember that during the Brazilian winter, you may have less sunny days than in the summer.

If you want to visit the Amazon, try to do it between June and October unless you want to experience the rainy season on your own.

It may be quite bothersome.

If you would like to ask us any other questions related to this topic, please feel free to do it in the comments section below.

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