Buying bus tickets as a foreigner – Rio de Janeiro tickets

When going to Brazil, one of the main tourist attractions that everybody chooses to visit is Rio de Janeiro.

If you want to have the chance to talk to very positive residents of the city that are called ‘cariocas’, see the Corcovado mountain, and learn why the city is called ‘cidade maravilhosa’ – ‘marvelous city’ – do not wait any longer and just organize your trip with us.

You will find all our tips below.

Booking Rio de Janeiro tickets

If you already are in Brazil, the easiest way to get to Rio de Janeiro is to choose the bus.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner - Rio de Janeiro tickets

The bus transportation in Brazil is very developed – mainly because we do not have the railway – yes, it may seem strange for most Europeans, but it is true.

Thus, the only options that you have to choose between are the following: buses, cars and planes.

The most comfortable and cheapest mean of transport that we recommend for all our foreign tourists are the buses.

What are the reasons:

– Best price

If you would like to compare the prices between planes and buses – the answer to the question “which one ich cheaper?” is pretty obvious.

If you would like to consider renting a car – it is an option, however, take into consideration the fact, that the journey may take a while – isn’t it better to spend it in the bus reading a book or watching a film?

What is more, you would have to pay for the rental and the gas – the bus ticket may be simply cheaper.

– The comfort of travelling (air-conditioned buses, cushioned and reclining seats)

You may be surprised by how comfortable our buses are.

They are even more comfortable than planes in the economy class.

Choose ‘leito’ (sleeping) option if you want to travel and feel like in your own bed.

You will get a blanket and a pillow.

Just sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner - Rio de Janeiro tickets

– Guarantee of a good seat

While booking the bus tickets online, just choose the seat that you most enjoy (window or aisle) and it is yours.

You do not have to do the check-in 24 hours before the trip.

– Buses connect almost every city in Brazil

You will get to 5000 cities in Brazil using the buses.

This is not possible by plane for sure.

Wherever you are, just take the bus and go to Rio de Janeiro – yes, this is that easy.

Buying bus tickets online has never been easier

We recommend using websites like Brazil Bus Travel to book your tickets in advance.

Just choose from what city you want to travel to “leaving from” and your destination city “going to”, pick a date, number of passengers and choose from various possible options.

The process is very easy and intuitive.

You will get the confirmation of your ticket on your e-mail.

Go to the bus station for at least one hour before the departure time.

We highly recommend going there one hour before, as sometimes the queues are pretty long and we do not want you to be late.

Go to the bus lane counter and pick up your ticket – don’t forget to take your passport with you.

You will also receive all the details along with the booking confirmation on your e-mail.


Enjoy your stay in Rio de Janeiro and come back as often as you like.

You will not regret it for sure.

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