Bus in Brazil. Everything you need to know before going there.

Brazil is so unique that you must see it with your own eyes to know what we are talking about.

Amazing biodiversity, positive people, beautiful white-sand beaches, mesmerizing islands and so much more.

So, you have decided to go to Brazil but you are not sure how to prepare for the trip? Great choice, you won’t regret it.

We are here to help you and point out some important tips worth remembering about before going to Brazil.

How does travelling by buses in Brazil look like? What documents you have to have with you, what vaccines are worth considering and more.

Keep reading and we will dispel all your doubts.

Before going to Brazil

Before going to any trip, it is worth doing a bit of research so that not to be surprised when arriving at the place.

What should you take into consideration before going to Brazil?

  • Vaccines

When going to Brazil, depending on what exact destinations in this beautiful country you want to visit, check what vaccines are recommended to take.

Of course, ask your doctor and check the recommendations.

The two main vaccines that you should remember about are yellow fever and malaria.

You have to take them a specific number of days before going to Brazil so consult your doctor even today.

  • Visa

The best way to check if you need a tourist visa is to visit the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate website.

Generally, it is not necessary to have it, however, check just to be on the safe side (the list of countries can change unannounced).

For sure check your passport – usually it has to be valid for more than six months when entering Brazil.

Remember that if you need a new one, don’t wait till the last moment, as it usually takes some time to obtain the new document.


  • Health insurance

Be sure to buy travel health insurance available on various websites. It is always better to have it – it will save you a lot of hustle even in case of just a cold or minor ailment.


  • Insects repellents

To protect yourself against mosquito bites, use repellents, dress appropriately and use mosquito nets when possible.

Whether you want to use the natural repellents as essential oils or those available in every drug store, it is worth to think about it beforehand.

If you’ve forgotten, don’t worry, just go to any drug store or pharmacy when arriving to Brazil and ask the shop assistant for advice.


  • Organizing transportation and accommodation

Even before arriving to Brazil, you can buy all your tickets beforehand.

Buses in Brazil are a mean of transport worth considering when wanting to see more than one city.

You can buy your bus tickets without having to go to the bus station, using websites such as Brazil Bus Travel.

Once you have the bus tickets, try to book hotels or hostels online.

You will most definitely feel more prepared, having it all organized before.

Travelling around Brazil

When going to Brazil, you will most definitely come by plane.

However, when being there, it is worth to use the buses. The buses in Brazil are amazing, you can travel the whole night and feel like in your own bed using the leito bus types.

Cometa bus company

Remember that when buying bus tickets online, you have to pick up the actual ticket at least one hour before the departure time.

You will need to show your valid passport as well. When buying tickets online, you are always sure that you will have a seat available in the bus that you are interested to take. We recommend doing it, just not to risk the chance of ‘sold out tickets’ – it really happens.

When going at the bus station, remember to have some snacks with you and maybe one warmer jacket or a sweater.

When buying tickets for long-distances, you can expect one or more breaks when you will have a chance to eat a proper hot meal.

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