Brazil tour – tips and tricks about when to go and what to take with you

Brazil is a huge country of disproportions and diversity. It is not really a surprise as it is huge and is spread on enormous space.

You normally need a lot of time to really get to know it and this is not the case for many tourists. You can visit the place a few times and you will never get bored.

Below you will find some tips that may be useful when you are considering going to Brazil as a tourist.

Are you thinking of going during the Carnival period or maybe you have heared of Loollapalooza and want to check it out? Sit down comfortably and enjoy the read.

When is the best time to visit Brazil?

If you are European, most probably you will choose to go to Brazil during the winter season in your country. It is of course understandable.

The pick season falls in February so the trip during this time you have to plan in advance. Buy your flight tickets, bus tickets (link to QP) and book the accommodation as soon as possible.

If you do not like mosquitoes, chose to go between June and September.

If you want to visit the North of Brazil, where the Amazon and rainforest are situated, it is best to plan the trip between June and December as it is the dry season. The temperature there is usually around 30 degrees, however, in January and February, it rains heavily.

Northeast and shore of Atlantic Ocean are best to be seen during the European spring and summer – from April to October. It is dry and hot, only on the south end of the coast may get a bit chilly.

If you want to go to the West – that includes the Iguacu Falls – go during the European autumn.

You are thinking of going to the South – Salvador, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro – it is best to go there between October and March.

The Carnival in Brazil takes place around February and March as it is a mobile holiday. The Loollapalooza is in April. Check the exact dates online as they may change a bit every year. 

What to take with you when going to Brazil.

It is best to buy the universal adapter to the power socket – you can buy it at the airport or in every electric shop.

Except for summer clothes, take a few for colder weather. You may need them on the plane, bus or just during cold nights. It is good to take thin trousers and shirts as protection against mosquitoes.

A thin rain jacket may also come in handy. The luggage content really depends on what places you want to visit. While going to the jungle, do not forget to take the flashlight and appropriate clothes.

You may also want to take the mosquito net and a hammock. Wet tissues or hand wash gel may be sometimes the only “shower” that we can take. You may also take the pocket knife to peel the delicious fresh fruit.

Do not forget about the power bank as in some places there is no electricity. 

When going to Brazil for any festival like Loollapalooza or Carnival, do not forget to take crazy and colourful outfits and comfortable shoes.

Think of taking a small purse that you can use while going out. Remember not to take valuable things with you. 

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