Brazil Carnival Guide – how to get there and all the necessary information

Most people associate the word Brazil with Carnival.

They imagine crazy samba performances with beautiful women wearing feather costumes.

It is a never-ending party that lasts for 40 days, but the culmination of the event lasts for one week.

If you are thinking of visiting this beautiful country during the Carnival, you couldn’t have chosen a better moment.

How the Carnival in Brazil is organized, how to get there and what to remember about?

Prepare yourself for all the tips that we could give you to get ready for this amazing journey.

How to organize your transportation?

If you are planning to take a flight from your country and you want to visit more than one city in Brazil, it is worth taking buses into consideration.

You can travel cheaper than by plane when you are already in Brazil and in very good conditions.

Book your tickets in advance using many available websites like Brazil Bus Travel.

We recommend booking bus tickets in advance – the Carnival period in Brazil is very busy.

Almost 70% of tourists visit Brazil in this specific time every year.

So, don’t wait till the last moment to buy your bus tickets or book the accommodation.

Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro Carnival

The Europeans most often associate the Carnival with samba schools competing on a big stadium called the Sambadrome.

The schools perform on moveable scenes and are observed by millions of people also dancing to loud music.

You can never get tired of listening to this music that is contagious and makes you want to dance and laugh all the time.

The parade takes place from 8 pm till even 5 am when the winning school is chosen.

If you want to experience the show, we advise buying the tickets in advance.

The Sambadrome isn’t the only place where you can really feel the spirit of the Carnival.

Choose to go to street parades or ‘blocos’ that are free and equally exciting.

Smaller groups of dancers and musicians’ parade down the streets encouraging all the people to join them.

You will easily find the timetable of every event online.

Rio de Janeiro is very popular among tourist mainly because of the beaches and amazing city parades.

Almost 2 million people party on the streets every day.

Be prepared for the best time of your life – if you like the crowds and loud music.

However, who wouldn’t like to experience the Carnival in Brazil at least once in their life?

Helpful tips

– Be prepared for a 24h party

The main cities in Brazil never sleep during the Carnival.

If you want to visit the country without the crowds, don’t choose this specific period.

– Book bus tickets and accommodation in advance

If you don’t want to be left with only a few options or even none, book everything in advance.

As we mentioned, it is a very busy time in Brazil, so it’s better to be prepared beforehand.

– Don’t take valuable things with you when going to the party

As during every big event, it’s a perfect occasion for pickpockets.

Don’t bring all the documents with you and things that can be easily taken out of your pockets or bags.

– Dress in colorful clothes

Carnival is a party of colors. You can go crazy with your choices.

Go for it!

– Bring comfortable shoes

Be prepared that you will stand and walk a lot.

Don’t choose high heel shoes or very heavy shoes that will make your feet sore.


Last but not least – have an amazing and unforgettable time!

Please, share your experience in the comments below.

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