São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro? Choose wisely before going to Brazil

Hot rhythms, unique atmosphere, delicious food and breathtaking views…

we could list the benefits forever and it would all be true.

Brazil is an amazing, tropical country and one of the biggest countries in the world. Its surface takes almost half of South America – it stretches in the center and on the east of the continent.

The biggest city – São Paulo – has more than twelve million inhabitants.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most known cities in the world.

If you do not have plenty of time to learn how the atmosphere of those two cities is and you just want to focus on one – here you will find some of our travelling tips about those two cities.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a huge metropolis and a place where the most famous carnival in the world takes place.

During this time of year, millions of tourists and Brazilians come to Rio de Janeiro to dance and party with friends and locals.

The city is also famous for the organisation of the Summer Olympics in 2016.

Rio de Janeiro is full of touristic attractions.

Obviously, one of the must-sees is the statue of the 38 metres high Christ the Redeemer.

It is situated on the Corcovado mountain and we are sure that you know how it looks like.

You cannot visit Rio de Janeiro and not go to the Copacabana Beach.

You can do it on the first day of your visit just to relax after a long flight.

You can just rent an umbrella and sunbed, order a cold and fresh coconut and relax during your lazy day on the beach.

We also recommend visiting the Maracanã football stadium and Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar).

São Paulo

This city is the biggest metropolis in South America.

If you have the chance to see the city from the plane, you only see huge buildings and skyscrapers.

The view is breathtaking also during the night.

People in Brazil say, that you rest in Rio de Janeiro and you work in São Paulo.

You will not find sandy beaches here and during the rush hours, the traffic is insane. However, São Paulo is not only the boring city of corporations, finances and business.

There are more and more places to visit by tourists and people interested in art and culture.

You can attend Fashion Week (SPFW) which is the biggest in Latin America.

You can also drop by the International Book Biennial and Book Fairs.

If you are interested in architecture, art, international music and film festivals – you found your place.

You will not get bored in the city where you can find almost 300 cinemas, 170 theatres, 110 museums and 90 cultural centres.

Do not forget to check the São Paulo weather before coming, as it may change during the year – especially if you do not like the rain too much.

We hope that we helped you to make your decision.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer below.

Enjoy your stay in Brazil!


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Travelling to Brazil? Here are some tips for you.

Travelling to Brazil? Here are some tips for you.


You have chosen to visit a place where people go to experience the jungle, the power of nature and the atmosphere of ancient rituals coming from various traditions.

The Brazilian music will make you want to dance, and the traditional food and fresh fruit will satisfy every gourmand.

This trip is not worth postponing.

We are here to give you some tips on what to take with you and how to prepare for this journey.

Passport and Visa

Check if you need a visa to enter Brazil.

You will also need a passport that should be most probably valid for at least the next 6 months when entering the country.


Think about the vaccination if you are going to visit the area of Pantanal or Amazonia. There is no obligatory vaccine, however, it is worth to consult a doctor that specializes in travel medicine.

We suggest taking the yellow fever vaccine into consideration when wanting to visit this beautiful country.

You will receive a yellow vaccination book that you should take with you.

Buy insect repellents that will protect you from mosquito bites.

The best ones can be purchased in the pharmacy even after arriving in Brazil.

Health insurance

We always recommend buying travel insurance.

The costs are not high and it is always better to have it just in case.

Buy it online before coming to Brazil.


The currency in Brazil is real. You can exchange the currency in Brazil in banks, foreign exchange offices (câmbios), travel agencies and hotels.

We advise withdrawing the money at the airport and exchanging it there.

If you want to withdraw the money in the city, it is best to do it during the day in the big shopping centers.

Do not carry a lot of money with you as well.

You can also pay with your credit card – Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards are generally accepted.

Transport and hotels

You can organize everything before coming to Brazil.

All the flight tickets can be bought online.

Travelling to Brazil? Here are some tips for you.

You may sometimes be lucky and find really cheap tickets to Brazil.

We suggest travelling by bus in Brazil; it is cheaper and very comfortable.

You can also buy the bus tickets online, for example, using the Brazil Bus Travel website (link).

If you decide to travel to Brazil during the high season, it is best to buy the bus tickets in advance.

You can book your seat on the website and be sure that there will be a spot for you on the bus.

Renting a car is also very easy.

You can do it at the airport or beforehand online.

We recommend buying the full insurance.

The conditions on the roads are good so you should not have any problems driving in Brazil.

If you travel to Brazil during the high season, do not forget to book the accommodation beforehand.

Some travelers prefer finding the hotels or hostels when arriving at the place, however, sometimes it may be a bit difficult – for example during the Carnival or at New Year’s Eve.

We wish you an amazing journey.

If you have any questions, please leave them down below. We will be happy to help.

Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

Every traveler knows that the time difference has a big impact on you while you are travelling. The weather is another factor that you should take into consideration while deciding to visit other countries.

What is the best time to travel to Brazil, what time is it in Brazil, what weather in Brazil can you expect?

If you want to find answers to those and other questions, just read our article.

We hope you find it useful.

Time in Brazil

What time is it in Brazil? This question is often asked when thinking of travelling there.

You can always check the local time here, on our website.

The main time zone (UTC/GMT-3) is the same as in the capital city of Brazil – Brasília.

Nearly 94% of the population of Brazil lives in this time zone.

It is used in twenty-one central and easter states. There are three more time zones there: UTC/GMT-2 (a few east-coast islands), UTC/GMT-4 (five western states), UTC/GMT-5 (Acre and 13 municipalities in western Amazonas).

How to overcome jet lag?

We know that the jet lag may be really difficult when travelling to Brazil.

That is why we always recommend going there for at least two weeks.

Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

You will have more time to acclimatize.

Our tips to do it faster are the following:

  • rest before the trip,
  • use earplugs and sleep mask during the flight,
  • get used to the local time right away – try to eat and sleep when the locals do it,
  • spend as much time on the sun as possible, it will help you to acclimatize well,
  • drink water but skip alcohol and caffeine.

Seasons and weather in Brazil

If you come from Europe, remember that the seasons of the year are opposite than yours.

Winter falls in June till September and spring from mid-September till mid-December.

Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

If you want to check how it is like in the summer in Brazil, go there between mid-December till mid-March.

The carnival takes place during the summer so you may consider going to Brazil to experience this amazing time.

Read more about this time here.

Autumn falls in between March and June.

However, you have to remember that the seasons of the year in Brazil are just names.

Most part of Brazil is situated in the tropical climate, so you may even encounter 20-degrees weather during the winter.

What is the best time to visit Brazil?

If you do not like when it is hot and moist, do not choose to go to Brazil between December and February.

We recommend September and October.

Real-time in Brazil: check the time and read our tips

The temperatures are not so high, and it is also off-season, so the trip will be cheaper.

If you like sunbathing and swimming in the Ocean, you can do it all year round in Brazil.

The temperature of the water should be perfect.

Just remember that during the Brazilian winter, you may have less sunny days than in the summer.

If you want to visit the Amazon, try to do it between June and October unless you want to experience the rainy season on your own.

It may be quite bothersome.

If you would like to ask us any other questions related to this topic, please feel free to do it in the comments section below.

What language is spoken in Brazil?

What language is spoken in Brazil?

If you have decided to travel to Brazil, you most probably have the best holidays in your life ahead of you.

You may be planning all the details of your trip now – accommodation, bus tickets, plane tickets, travel insurance and so on.

However, have you thought about what language is spoken in Brazil? Maybe it is worth knowing the basic phrases useful during travelling?

When travelling to a different country it is always worth to learn the basic information about the history of the country.

It is always useful while talking to the locals and of course, it is better for us to do a bit of research to experience the trip better.

The best place to search for that kind of information is travel guides or our website.

We will take just three minutes of your time and you will learn the basic information about Brazil’s language.

Why is Portuguese spoken in Brazil?

Throughout the vast continent of South America, people use the Spanish language to communicate.

The only exception is Brazil, where the official language is Portuguese.

However, it is not the same Portuguese as spoken in Portugal – it is Brazilian Portuguese.

Why Brazil is so exceptional?

Let us go back to the times of geographical discoveries.

In XV centuries, many of those discoveries were made by the Portuguese.

They have started the colonization of West Africa and were the first ones to reach India by sea during the pioneering expedition of Vasco da Gama.

During the same times, Christopher Columbus discovered America for the Spaniards.

What language is spoken in Brazil?

Those both countries strived to own as much of the new lands as possible.

But the question was, what lands would belong to whom?

Due to the treaty of Tordesillas signed in Spain on June 7, 1494, the lands that were being newly discovered in the world became divided into the west and east sides.

The west side with the Americas belonged to Spain and the east side with Africa belonged to Portugal.

The margin line was along the 46th meridian west of Greenwich.

However, during the next expeditions in South America, it was discovered that some part of the land sticks out east of the margin line.

Portuguese used this fact immediately and created Brazil.

That is why the official language in Brazil is Portuguese.

When you want to travel to Brazil, learn the basic words.

Once you have learned what language is spoken in Brazil, we recommend learning a few basic words and sentences that you may find useful during your trip:

Sim – Yes

Não – No

Obrigado – Thank you (male)

Obrigada – Thank you (female)

Oi!/Olá – Hello

Bom dia – Good morning

Boa tarde – Good afternoon

Boa noite – Goodnight

Muito prazer – Nice to meet you

Tudo bem? – How are you?

Até mais – See you soon

Quanto custa isso? – how much is it?

Onde é … – Where is…?

Pode me ajudar? – Can you help me?

We hope that a bit of history will encourage you to learn even more about the history and customs of this beautiful place.

You can also look for more information concerning travelling to Brazil here.

We wish you an amazing stay in Brazil.

Cheap tickets to Brazil? Everything you need to know to get one.

Luckily the times when the prices of the tickets to Brazil was unthinkable are gone.

We can sometimes be lucky and buy very cheap tickets to Brazil taking advantage of good promotions.

All we have to do is to have a good strategy and sometime beforehand.

If you are planning to travel to Brazil and have not bought the tickets yet, you will find some useful travelling tips down below.

Of course, it is worth doing your research ahead and not buying the first ticket that we see and think that is the cheapest.

Search for tickets in private or incognito browsing mode

If you have ever searched for tickets online and noticed that the more you use the same search phrases the most expensive the prices are, you are not wrong.

Yes, the prices increase based on the cookies if the route is searched repeatedly.

If you do not want this to happen, set an incognito or private mode in your browser.

E-mail alerts for best prices

If you want to find cheap tickets to Brazil, try to search for them at least three months before the date of departure.

The best way is to sign up for e-mail alerts about the best prices for tickets from a particular city.

Be flexible with travel dates

Remember that it is always cheaper to travel during the week than on the weekends.

It is also obvious that travelling during the holiday season, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving is even more expensive.

If you really want to find cheap tickets to Brazil, buy them off-season and be flexible as the prices really vary.

Choose low-cost carriers.

Nowadays it is possible to travel between continents using low-cost carriers.

Visit the website of the airport that you want to flight from and check what carriers fly there. Then spend some time to check their offer and prices.

Buy cheap tickets to Brazil in advance.

As we mentioned before, try to search for the tickets at least three to five months in advance. You have more time to choose from many available options and will not be disappointed.

Cheap bus tickets to Brazil

Of course, you can also buy a cheap bus ticket to Brazil. Remember about all the advice above and take your time.

Try to do your research in advance, do not wait till the last moment.

Once you are in Brazil, buy your tickets online to travel between cities.

As always, preferably do it in advance as not to be disappointed when the best tickets are sold out.

Use many available websites like Brazil Bus Travel to safely book your seat ahead in time.

You will find more information on how to choose the best seat here.

You can easily do it as a foreigner and be sure, that your trip is well organized.


If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them in the comment section below.

Enjoy the trip!

How to buy tickets to Brazil as a foreigner

How to buy tickets to Brazil as a foreigner

The moment you have decided to travel to Brazil, there are a few things that you should consider beforehand.

Of course, the first step is to think of the websites where you can buy tickets to Brazil.

The second step is to organize all the necessary documents.

You will find all the details concerning buying tickets to Brazil and our tips below.

Tickets to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo

Most of the flights for foreigners will take us to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo.

If you dream of going anywhere else, you have to transfer on one of those airports.

Buying tickets is not complicated, you just have to follow instructions on any website that you choose.

How to buy tickets to Brazil as a foreigner

The information that you have to provide is the following: name and surname (as on your document – passport), issue and expiration date of your document and date of birth.

When paying for the ticket, you will have to provide the details of your bank card along with the 3-digit CVC number.

If you can buy tickets to Brazil for whatever date you want and your job does not limit you when it comes to holiday leave, it is a huge advantage.

Monitor the alerts concerning the cheapest flights on various websites.

You may sometimes be positively surprised by how cheap the tickets to Brazil may be.

If you found a good price, buy the ticket pretty fast as those tickets are sold fast.

You cannot choose the dates of your trip when it comes to cheap tickets, that is why flexibility when it comes to your job is necessary.

However, if you cannot be flexible with your holiday leave, try to buy the tickets as soon as possible as they will be more expensive closer to the departure date.

It is worth to monitor the prices in the beginning and see how they are changing.

If you do it in advance, you have more time and more options to buy a ticket at a good price.

Once you have the ticket, start planning the rest of the trip.

You still have to book accommodation and other tickets, like bus tickets.

We recommend buying bus tickets online.

You can use the website Brazil Bus Travel and book your seat in advance.

Of course, organizing everything ahead of time is less stressful.

However, if you are the type of traveler that likes to do everything the last moment, remember to buy bus tickets at least a few days before as they may be sold out during the high season.

Visa information

When you are planning to travel to Brazil, the first thing that you have to think about is a visa.

How to buy tickets to Brazil as a foreigner

Check if you have to have a visa, that needs to be obtained in advance in the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate.

You also have to remember to have a valid passport for at least 6 months upon entering the country.

It is worth to handle it at least one month before the planned trip, as it may take some time.

You do not want to be unnecessarily stressed with bureaucracy, don’t you?

We hope that you found this article useful.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

Bus ticket booking – Brazil as a beautiful place to be discovered by foreigners.

Bus ticket booking - Brazil as a beautiful place to be discovered by foreigners.

If you are a world and travelling lover and haven’t visited Brazil yet, it is time to take it into consideration.

In this beautiful country, which is situated in the heart of South America, time flies slowly and life becomes more colorful.

We are sure that Brazil can be appreciated not only by beach admirers who love lazy relaxation but also by those who want to get to know new cultures and encounter another great adventure.

When it comes to the weather, Brazil is heaven for those who prefer warm and hot temperatures.

Food is amazing and you will for sure taste delicacies that will blow your mind away.

Bus ticket booking - Brazil as a beautiful place to be discovered by foreigners.

Not to mention the coffee that is known all over the world.

This country is not only known for samba and football that is the national sport here.

Brazil is lush, wild nature and rich fauna that you can see for example travelling through the Amazonia.

Prepare yourself for our tips about the necessary booking – Brazil tickets – and the best places to travel to.

Bus ticket booking – Brazil

When organizing a trip, it is worth booking all the necessary tickets in advance.

We strongly advise travelling by bus, as it is comfortable, easier and cheaper than any other available options.

Buying tickets in advance is possible thanks to many pages that you can use and book the tickets online without leaving home.

We recommend using Brazil Bus Travel as you do not need to have the Brazilian ID or Brazilian credit card to buy the tickets.

Just choose the departing and destination cities, pick a date and you will see all the various options of the possible bus connections.

Next step is choosing the appropriate seat for you – we wrote about it here.

Finish with paying with PayPal or Credit Card and you will immediately receive all the necessary information and confirmation about the purchase on your email.

Best places to travel to in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro – Visit this amazing city known for the colorful carnival, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches and Corcovado.

Bus ticket booking - Brazil as a beautiful place to be discovered by foreigners.

Pantanal –The only place in Brazil where you can see such a variety of wildlife. Do you want to see anteaters, capybaras, tapirs and pink dolphins which you can find only in Brazil? We think that ‘yes’ is the answer,

Amazon Jungle –The green lungs of the world – home for more than 2,5 million species of insects, tens of thousands of varieties of plants and around 2000 types of birds and mammals.

Paraty – Portuguese colony founded in 1667. Visit this romantic city and walk around the cobbled streets – we are sure you will fall in love with it.

Búzios – Holiday resort famous among Brazilians. If you are a fan of sunbathing, swimming in the ocean and surfing, this is a place for you.

Enjoy the weather! Brazil will surprise you in all positive ways possible.

Please, share your thoughts after the trip in the comment section below.

How to choose the best bus seats when travelling in Brazil

How to choose the best bus seats when travelling in Brazil

The buses have become the main mean of transport for many Brazilians and foreign tourists.

Taking into consideration the fact that all the big cities in the country are linked by frequent buses, makes it much easier to organise your trip when exploring this amazing place.

The bus transit system is well organised and modern. The buses are also cheaper than planes and are really comfortable.

If you are thinking about going to Brazil, visit any website where you can buy your bus ticket online and choose the best seat for you in advance. We are here to help you with that choice.

Window or aisle seat?

It is up to our own needs whether we choose the window seat or the one in the middle of the bus just next to the aisle.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner - Rio de Janeiro tickets

Some people prefer to seat by the window to be able to enjoy the views, others choose the aisle seat to have the freedom to stand up and go to the toilet whenever they want to.

If you plan to sleep the whole way, choose the window seat because no one will interrupt you.

On the other hand, if you don’t like asking people to move, because you have to go to the toilet, pick the aisle bus seats instead.

Which row should you choose?

The choice of the row always takes some time as you have to take a few important aspects into consideration.

the front rows

The front rows usually don’t have any other seats in front of them, so you will not have a table or a pocket to store your things like mobile phone or book.

How to choose the best bus seats when travelling in Brazil

However, if you suffer from motion sickness, the best place for you is there.

rows in the middle of the bus

Those bus seats are the best option when it comes to safety when travelling by bus.

You also don’t have to go a long way to the toilet.

What is more, you will always have a row in front of you, thus a table and storage place.

rows at the back of the bus

Those are the seats for travelers who like to be close to the toilet, especially at night.

However, for some, it may be a little bit uncomfortable because of the unpleasant smell that may occur.

The back seats usually have a lot of space for legs, so decide what is the priority for you.

Additional tips when travelling by bus

Whatever bus seat you choose, it is also good to be prepared and remember about the following points:

drink clean water

It is better to drink bottled mineral water during travelling instead of fizzy drinks.

The ‘artificial’ drinks cause abdominal bloating and “unfresh” water may cause unpleasant stomach problems.

stretch your legs

If you have had problems with swollen legs while travelling, try to move and stretch them from time to time.

You may also massage them from the bottom to upper parts.

back problems

If you have back problems, don’t overstrain it with heavy luggage.

Ask somebody to help you to carry it, but if you don’t have that option don’t pack a lot of things and carry it in both hands for good balance.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner – booking Salvador tickets from other Brazilian cities.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner - booking Salvador tickets from other Brazilian cities.

When going to Brazil, every tourist search for inspiration and tips about what to visit and how to organize the trip as a foreigner. We are here to help you and explain every little detail of your trip. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them in the comments below.

Definitely go to Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia.

This beautiful place has everything that Brazil has to offer and even more. The city attracts tourists from all over the world mainly because of its exoticism. After arriving at the city, you may feel a little bit like in Africa. The descendants of the slaves living in Salvador still cultivate the African culture which is visible everywhere you go. There is no other place like this in both Americas, that would really keep the culture of their ancestors. Thus, Salvador was the capital of Brazil for a reason.

Who should visit Salvador?

If you are a lover of the African culture – this is a place for you. Some people say that even the Carnival is better in Salvador than in Rio de Janeiro. Maybe you should check that out?

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner - booking Salvador tickets from other Brazilian cities.

If you love spending time at the beach, you will feel like in heaven. You will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil there.

Salvador was built in the Baroque splendor by the Portuguese colonizers. The colonial history is visible here everywhere. You can start visiting Salvador from the historical center of the city which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will find a lot of shops, restaurants and bars there.

Don’t forget to try ‘acarajé’ and ‘moqueca baiana’ with ‘azeite de dende’. This is the only city where you can try those. They are delicious!

Booking Salvador tickets

As you may have already noticed, we always recommend travelling by bus in Brazil. Why? You will find the main reasons below:

  • Best prices,
  • Travelling with comfort,
  • Booking the bus tickets in advance,
  • Booking the bus tickets without leaving home,
  • Admiring beautiful Brazilian views from the bus seat.

Book your bus tickets in advance without leaving home. Choose your seat and travel around Brazil absolutely worry-free. You can do it online for example here. The process of buying the bus tickets is very easy and you


can pay with your PayPal account or with the Credit Card. Try to do it as soon as possible, if you want to travel ‘in season’. Read about all your options on the website and enjoy safe and recommended by us web search of bus tickets in Brazil.

Remember to collect your tickets at the bus company counter at least one hour before the departure time. Go to the bus station and if you have any questions, go to the information desk. We always suggest going to the bus station for at least one hour before so that you won’t have to worry that you can be late. Brazil is a big country with a lot of travelers, so the queues may sometimes be long. Please, remember about that.

Enjoy your trip and remember – if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner – Rio de Janeiro tickets

Bus ticket booking - Brazil as a beautiful place to be discovered by foreigners.

When going to Brazil, one of the main tourist attractions that everybody chooses to visit is Rio de Janeiro.

If you want to have the chance to talk to very positive residents of the city that are called ‘cariocas’, see the Corcovado mountain, and learn why the city is called ‘cidade maravilhosa’ – ‘marvelous city’ – do not wait any longer and just organize your trip with us.

You will find all our tips below.

Booking Rio de Janeiro tickets

If you already are in Brazil, the easiest way to get to Rio de Janeiro is to choose the bus.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner - Rio de Janeiro tickets

The bus transportation in Brazil is very developed – mainly because we do not have the railway – yes, it may seem strange for most Europeans, but it is true.

Thus, the only options that you have to choose between are the following: buses, cars and planes.

The most comfortable and cheapest mean of transport that we recommend for all our foreign tourists are the buses.

What are the reasons:

– Best price

If you would like to compare the prices between planes and buses – the answer to the question “which one ich cheaper?” is pretty obvious.

If you would like to consider renting a car – it is an option, however, take into consideration the fact, that the journey may take a while – isn’t it better to spend it in the bus reading a book or watching a film?

What is more, you would have to pay for the rental and the gas – the bus ticket may be simply cheaper.

– The comfort of travelling (air-conditioned buses, cushioned and reclining seats)

You may be surprised by how comfortable our buses are.

They are even more comfortable than planes in the economy class.

Choose ‘leito’ (sleeping) option if you want to travel and feel like in your own bed.

You will get a blanket and a pillow.

Just sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.

Buying bus tickets as a foreigner - Rio de Janeiro tickets

– Guarantee of a good seat

While booking the bus tickets online, just choose the seat that you most enjoy (window or aisle) and it is yours.

You do not have to do the check-in 24 hours before the trip.

– Buses connect almost every city in Brazil

You will get to 5000 cities in Brazil using the buses.

This is not possible by plane for sure.

Wherever you are, just take the bus and go to Rio de Janeiro – yes, this is that easy.

Buying bus tickets online has never been easier

We recommend using websites like Brazil Bus Travel to book your tickets in advance.

Just choose from what city you want to travel to “leaving from” and your destination city “going to”, pick a date, number of passengers and choose from various possible options.

The process is very easy and intuitive.

You will get the confirmation of your ticket on your e-mail.

Go to the bus station for at least one hour before the departure time.

We highly recommend going there one hour before, as sometimes the queues are pretty long and we do not want you to be late.

Go to the bus lane counter and pick up your ticket – don’t forget to take your passport with you.

You will also receive all the details along with the booking confirmation on your e-mail.


Enjoy your stay in Rio de Janeiro and come back as often as you like.

You will not regret it for sure.